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Churchill London Wins Multi–Million Pound Contract with LSBU

Churchill London has won a new £6 million cleaning, waste and window cleaning contract at London South Bank University.

September 18, 2017

Catering by Churchill wins London College Deal

Catering by Churchill has won a new multi-million pound catering contract at Capital City College Group.

August 24, 2017

Chef of the Year 2017

The final round of Chef of the Year saw our eight finalists compete in four rounds to declare this year’s winner.

August 7, 2017

6 – NEW Churchill Catering FULL

Catering by Churchill provides fresh, balanced and nutritious food, locally sourced, every day to the education, business and industry and assisted living sectors.
Our catering professionals are passionate, self-motivated and empowered to make their own statement within the catering industry; uniting flair and creativity alongside flexibility and meticulousness.
Our success is built upon engagement and dialogue with clients and customers – working together to create changing menus and flexible options, shape marketing campaigns and drive buy-in and support.
Honest local produce
Through our innovative and engaging sub-brands we source fresh, balanced and nutritious food from local suppliers that are never more than 25 miles away; and create menus that are pleasurable, appealing and a healthy part of daily life.
We actively work with suppliers whose values reflect our own, not simply for ethical reasons, but because it’s a sensible approach to sourcing honest local produce at affordable prices.
Our chefs regularly visit suppliers, growers and farmers to ensure all produce has been grown or reared sustainably.
Our menus are always tailored to meet specific requirements and we are proud to have achieved the Food for Life’s Silver Level accreditation in 2015.
We embrace multicultural flavours across our business, and place special importance on meeting all special dietary and/or religious requirements.
Where requested our team use certified Halal products sourced from accredited local suppliers that are recognisable within local communities.
Our brands / sectors
We’re proud of our hugely successful sub-brands, built on innovative and engaging themes, and tailored specifically for different sectors to maximise brand buy-in, support and recognition.
Urban Fresh
Our stylish and on-trend Urban Fresh concept within secondary schools and further education offers students great fresh food, presented with an urban and modern twist.
The values of the brand are:
  • Contemporary fresh and healthy food using locally sourced produce
  • Food that reflects modern high street trends
  • Great value for money
  • Stylish presentation and packaging
Pupils at secondary level and above place importance on high street brands; so we integrate our own concepts with recognisable brands such as Costa Coffee, Pasta Pronto and Delice de France. This helps drive student demand and ensures the catering facility is seen in a more contemporary light.
This approach forms part of our wider marketing strategy to deliver excellent value and targeted meal deals and promotions to further incentivise student loyalty.
Big Chef, Little Chef
Big Chef, Little Chef is our leading primary school branding that has evolved through our engagement with children. Our Chefs’ workshops are very hands on and pupils are invited to help make their very own pizza, pasta or cakes.
The values of the brand are:
  • Healthy, nutritious and balanced food using locally sourced produce
  • Practical pupil interaction to strengthen food and nutrition-based academic learning
  • Fun and engaging brand characters
We always like to think that we’re not just on site to cook the lunch, clear up and go home. We have become an integral, and important partner to our schools with full interaction with children within our Chef Workshop Days.
Pupils play an important role in our menu development and provide us with the feedback that shapes our future delivery models.
In recent years, Catering by Churchill has participated in numerous Government initiatives that have addressed the need to improve school food and its role in enriching children’s home lives and legacy for later life.
We have whole-heartedly embraced the School Food Plan (first published in 2013) and since September 2014 have helped schools manage the increased demand / cost pressures associated with Universal Infant Free School Meals to reception classes (KS1 and KS2 infants).
Business and Industry
We create modern and stylish dining environments with innovative payment solutions for our business and industry clients which are bespoke to each organisation’s specific needs.
We bring high street-style outlets to workplace locations; removing the concept of pre-dated lifeless staff canteens. The result is a welcoming and inspiring catering facility which encourages your staff to meet, engage and interact at periods of break whilst ensuring valuable additional revenue.
Assisted Living / Residential Care
Our assisted living customers retain their own independence in their own living space, but enjoy the reassurance of on-site management, catering and security.
We provide eat-in restaurants alongside dine-at-home services, offering maximum choice and support to all customers.
Our catering solutions in residential care, nursing and day care centres are specifically designed to encapsulate all special requirements and dietary considerations. We appreciate how meal times are eagerly anticipated and help punctuate the day, with friendly interaction and communication alongside healthy, nutritious and balanced menus.
We work in close collaboration with NACC (National Association of Care Catering) to actively contribute in the latest developments whilst promoting and enriching the standards within the sector.
Menu development
We’re passionate about service, but first and foremost, it’s all about the food.
When creating bespoke menus, we collaborate with clients and customers to understand their exacting requirements, we liaise with local suppliers, and we empower our chefs to be inspirational. Furthermore, we do this continuously; changing menus, introducing greater flexible options, and driving marketing campaigns to increase buy-in and support.
Put simply, we ensure fresh, balanced and nutritious food goes in to our kitchens, and pleasurable, appealing and healthy meals come out.
We are driven to create new food concepts to grow customer participation, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and to prevent menu repetitiveness.
Signature chefs
Our professional, qualified and talented chefs are empowered to make their own statement; uniting flair and creativity alongside flexibility and meticulousness.
We challenge and champion our chefs: to be proud of their culinary expertise; to be inspirational and extraordinary; to embrace cuisine from all corners of the world; and to deliver exciting, varied and seasonal food concepts in line with the latest trends and styles.
Our chefs continually engage with clients, customers and suppliers – working together to create changing menus and flexible options, shape marketing campaigns and drive buy-in and support.
Engaging environments
We are under no illusion of the importance of modern, welcoming and vibrant catering facilities. We believe in creating environments that actively bring people together to share great food, and to engage and interact at periods of break and play.
We design bespoke cafes and mobile service points, uniting our successful branding concepts with modern design, innovative payment solutions and ever-increasing menu options.
In 2015, we launched our ‘Food Cube’ concept at a number of secondary schools. Located externally, each Food Cube offers students a wide range of fresh and healthy food choices. The mobile and flexible nature of this service point helps increase revenue, increase additional menu choices, and reduce queuing times in the main on-site catering facility.
Marketing and communication
Catering by Churchill understands the importance of communicating and marketing our successful brands and sales promotions.
Our insight-driven marketing strategies have impact and create customer interest to ultimately increase buy-in, sales and user loyalty.
We continually research the latest consumer trends and establish effective campaigns to drive results and rival high street competition.
Our success is built upon engagement and dialogue with clients and customers – working together to create changing menus and flexible options, shape marketing campaigns and drive buy-in and support.
The focus goes beyond sales and increased average spend; it’s built on improving consumer connectivity. By providing a better experience, by being more relevant, by guaranteeing quality and consistency, and by ensuring satisfaction we always increase consumer loyalty.
We are proud that our exceptional food and service as well as our ethical approach has been recognised within the catering industry and beyond:
  • Food for Life’s Silver Level (2015)
  • Food for Life’s Bronze Level
  • Red Tractor Farm Assured Food Standards Scheme
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • Sustainable Fish City
  • Fair Trade / Rainforest Alliance
February 26, 2016