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Churchill London Wins Multi–Million Pound Contract with LSBU

Churchill London has won a new £6 million cleaning, waste and window cleaning contract at London South Bank University.

September 18, 2017

5 – NEW Churchill Specialist FULL

Through our continued expansion and development, we have embraced many specialist disciplines which have served to further differentiate Churchill in our industry.
Our suite of specialist services includes waste management, landscaping, gritting and pest control, as well as a range of sector-specific services such as ‘MakeReady’ ambulance services and infection control.
Our expert consultants unite their knowledge with our ‘Forward Thinking’ ethos to deliver bespoke, efficient, and sustainable solutions in terms of planning, implementation, delivery, monitoring and review.
‘MAKEREADY’ ambulance services
Churchill ‘MakeReady™’, with over a decade of experience, is the leading supplier to the ambulance and emergency services sector delivering a comprehensive range of services and support.
Our priority is to check, re-stock, clean and service every ambulance in a manner that ensures we optimise a paramedic’s ability to act and respond efficiently in any situation.
Our ‘MakeReady’ systems, processes and bespoke training programmes (approved and validated by four NHS Ambulance Trusts and accepted by the Paramedics Professional Body) continue to significantly improve patient safety, efficiency and accuracy of data whilst driving down costs. We manage and deliver:
  • 'Make Ready' Services
  • Clinical Deep Cleaning
  • Infection Control
  • Medicine / Stock Management
  • Medical Device(s) Management
  • Flexi-fleet Services
  • Ambulance Allocation / Tracking
  • Data Collection
  • Vehicle Assessments
  • Audits
  • Industry Training / Development
Clinical deep cleaning / infection control
We have a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering clinical deep cleaning and infection control techniques that comply fully with the Department of Health’s guidelines and Outcome 8 – Cleanliness and Infection Control as defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
We are proud to have been innovators and pioneers in this field for over a decade, even having some of our best practice initiatives adopted by the CQC.
All specialist teams are trained (classroom and practical training) in infection prevention and control which is based on the NHS course for non-clinical staff with an additional focus on the use of biocides and advanced environmental disinfection techniques.
Glow gel and UV lights are used to assist in the process of demonstrating and educating staff in the importance of hand hygiene and the ease and effect of contamination. Sharps safety, clinical waste management and handling are also covered during this training module.
Waste Management
Our waste management services span all operational size requirements and include all forms of collection to recovery regardless of type, frequency, volume or geographical location.
We utilise the latest eco-technologies to help our clients meet their zero landfill targets including: Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs); waste to energy solutions; and anaerobic digestion.
We work collaboratively with clients, third parties and the public to champion optimally beneficial and bespoke waste minimisation strategies on each operational site.
We promote and articulate the importance of sustainable thinking and create simple and actionable projects which minimise waste and optimise recycling and reuse.
We appreciate the importance and benefits of an immaculate outside environment, bringing to life the optimal balance of science, art and design.
Working collaboratively with clients we design solutions, which not only maintain, but personalise surroundings; creating positive perceptions that this is a great place to work, learn, shop or visit.
Our landscaping teams are skilled in a whole suite of external activities to deliver the most impressive landscaping solutions, whilst helping ensure business continuity, including: planning, design and implementation; routine maintenance; litter picking; and graffiti removal.
Internal Planting
A skilled display of internal plants promotes pleasant and tranquil working environments, whilst reflecting your own individual business culture.
Furthermore, rather than being considered purely aesthetic, plants can help reduce employee absence, improve humidity, absorb noise and reduce stress levels.
Our services include: design; installation (natural and replica); maintenance; technical advice; fresh flower arrangements; and seasonal decorated Christmas trees.
Procurement Services
Churchill offer a complete procurement service on behalf of our clients.
We are confident that we can secure the most preferential rates given our vast network of operational contracts, our extensive partnerships with multiple suppliers (covering a significant range of goods and services) and our skilled approach in applying significant leverage via economies of scale.
We place the upmost importance on sustainable procurement – ensuring goods and services are sourced sustainably and compliant with BS 8903 Principles and Framework for Procuring Sustainably.
Existing clients can benefit from our procurement capability via our Churchill Advantage™ client log-in portal.
Pest Control
Organisations should never underestimate the business consequences and risks associated with pest infestations.
Churchill offer a full range of expertise in controlling pests to ensure our clients are compliant in terms of Health and Safety and environmental considerations, whilst not incurring unexpected costs or downtime.
Our services include:
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Moths
  • Wasps and Hornets
  • Other Biting Insects
  • Textile Damaging Pests
  • Wildlife Management
Gritting / Winter services
Churchill provide winter risk management and protection services throughout the UK with a focus on gritting and snow clearance to ensure our clients’ operations continue to run effectively.
The key to a first class and reliable programme of winter services is to obtain accurate and up-to-date information and to respond early.
Through technology, our clients are constantly informed: knowing when we are scheduled to arrive; when we’ve completed our service; as well as notifying any access and/or service issues.
February 25, 2016