As we approach 2017, we believe that continued progression along our planned sustainable journey will continue to build on the strong foundations we have already established in terms of sustainable performance, supplier collaboration and local community engagement.
We believe sustainability is simply the right way to do business. A structured and coordinated sustainability strategy that considers economic, environmental and social requirements is crucial to maintaining and growing our successful business. When it comes to sustainability:
  • We have introduced sustainable programmes to ensure our business, employees and supply partners are competent.
  • We are committed to ensure we meet and exceed both legal and ethical requirements.
  • We are driven to continually improve sustainability performance through the development of controls and improvement programmes.
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The Compliance Curve – are we travelling in the right direction?

The Compliance Curve – are we travelling in the right direction?

Sometimes non-compliance can actually be the sign that you’re doing your job well. For example, if you were to discover your portfolio has areas of non-compliance or that certain documentation is out of date. This is a sign that you’re being proactive in your role as responsible person. In this blog, James Bradley examines the impact of non-compliance and what issues most frequently affect UK businesses.  

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October 12, 2018
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