A Forward Thinking Website

November 9, 2015

Churchill is proud and excited in equal measure to unveil a revised website… that represents our forward thinking position in the service solutions industry. We are proud to deliver exceptional service and support, but prouder still in standing out within our industry for all the right reasons.

Part of the new website design process involved analysis of all existing websites in the service industry. We found them on the whole to be indistinguishable, dated and disorderly. We wanted something which would present a ‘live’ snapshot of our activities and an informative take on our industry as a whole; something which in essence will get people talking.

We have grown considerably through continued organic growth and acquisition since 2012, when the last website overhaul was carried out. Our new website now perfectly aligns with Churchill’s new ‘Forward Thinking™’ company ethos, which is underpinned by our values – Excel, Innovate, and Advance.

The contemporary feel of the site immediately makes it stand out. With a focus on news and social media, it is informative, interactive and constantly evolving with industry news as it happens. Being news-led, the website is intrinsically ‘Forward Thinking’ and something we feel is a first for our industry.

As well as creating a new website, we have redefined our social ethos in the form of Churchill AdvantageTM, which is a brand new commitment designed to reward employees, clients and suppliers. Churchill Advantage extends into our cutting edge website, which is evidenced by the interactive login facilities for our employees, our clients and our supply chain.

The new website characterises Churchill’s revamped brand, which clearly encapsulates our six divisions: cleaning, catering, security, compliance, maintenance and specialist. This visual representation of our multi-service offering unites with an easy-to-follow navigation and conveys the forward thinking image we wish to project.

Heloise Smith
Media & Communications Co-ordinator
11 November 2015