Achilles RISQS Audit Passed with Flying Colours

January 9, 2015

Churchill is pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the first stage of the RISQS (formerly known as Link-up) Audit, achieving 4 stars (the highest possible) and 100% conformance.

The RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) Audit service exists to pre-qualify suppliers who work within the rail industry through demonstration of compliance against industry-wide requirements and specific infrastructure requirements.

Churchill passed the initial assessment by successfully proving we have the correct processes, procedures and documentation in place to ensure we are able to work to Network Rail Standards. We received particular praise for our HSEQ Induction Training, accident/incident observation record and monthly Communications Manual. We will be audited again this year to ensure we are properly implementing the processes and using these documents correctly.

The benefits of being accredited include:

  • Improved understanding of management systems requirements for the rail industry
  • Improved efficiency through reduced need for repetitive supplier verification audits
  • Proven capability to meet regulatory and rail industry requirements
  • Improved standards through continued performance measurement

The RISQS accreditation also demonstrates that Churchill meets the quality control levels of performance and training required to sponsor PTS (Personal Track Safety) card holders. The PTS card is a requirement for anyone working within the boundary of Network Rail tracks in the UK.



Angelina Sooren, Group HSEQ Manager, details: “Our Auditor, James Durrant, was very professional; he explained the process from start to finish and awarded Churchill additional marks for our HSEQ induction manual. We are only the second company this year to receive additional credits for our key communications as a business to our employees. The process of accreditation for Churchill within the rail industry is very new to us and the Audit was a great experience for those who attended.”

Our UK rail portfolio currently includes East Midlands Trains, Arriva, DB Regio Tyne & Wear, SPT and LNWR. This audit demonstrates we have the correct policies in place to ensure our standards meet those set by National Rail.