Churchill named inspirational within commercial cleaning sector

June 21, 2017

Global market analyst Plimsoll Publishing Ltd has identified Churchill as an inspirational company that is prospering within the UK commercial cleaning sector.

Churchill is one of 14 companies singled out in Plimsoll’s report, which has analysed the financial health of the UK’s largest commercial cleaning businesses.  Over 1200 companies were assessed, valued and rated on their attractiveness for takeover in this unique financial study and then the list of thriving companies was compiled after taking into account sales increases, pre-tax profit margins and being rated ‘strong’ by Plimsoll.

Plimsoll are experts in company and industry financial analysis providing a snapshot breakdown of business performance that accounts alone do not give. Directors and decision makers use the Plimsoll Analysis to understand the markets they operate in and to monitor potential takeover targets.

Plimsoll’s chief analyst David Pattison said: “In a competitive market, the challenge for any company is to balance sales growth along with commercial strength. The 14 companies highlighted in the latest Plimsoll Analysis are doing just that.”

The Plimsoll Analysis – Commercial Cleaning is available to buy here: http://bit.ly/2sAiMlC