Churchill wins its bundled service badge

May 11, 2018

The Scout Association is a stalwart of Britain’s cultural heritage and remains the country’s largest mixed youth association. From 6-25 years, The Scouts help children and young adults  to make a positive impact in their communities. This is all made possible by a large network of volunteers led by ‘Chief Scout’ and TV personality Bear Grylls.

When the opportunity arose for Churchill to tender for the catering services at the organisation’s base at Gilwell Park in 2015, it was seen as a fantastic opportunity to get a foot in the door of a slice of British history.


Radish demonstrated an understanding of The Scouts’ ethos from the get-go. The products and ideas that the team proposed championed not only high quality food, but also a real commitment to bringing social value to the contract. This ethos rang true and both businesses have since collaborated together on both counts.

“Key changes that Radish has implemented include the replacement of popular branded coffee with the coffee produced by our partner and anti-homelessness charity, Change Please” says Radish’s MD, Rebecca Bridgement.

Radish has also assisted in launching the new on-site café, offering advice on the layout, look and feel. Something that both Radish (and Churchill) are renowned for, is the ability to be proactive and adapt to client needs. This flexible outlook in particular has been a real asset throughout the contract. Moreover, Radish has been actively encouraging contacts and clients in the vicinity of Gilwell Park to take advantage of its fantastic facilities. “We think it’s a real hidden gem with something for everyone. Radish are also planning on hosting their first Radish Awards evening on the premises later this year” adds Bridgement.

So far so good, as the contract has recently been renewed for a further three years, with the view to extend for an additional two years in future.

From one to multi-service lines

Radish’s success has been such that Gilwell Park has also adopted Churchill’s cleaning and security services. Cleaning began in early 2017, and like Radish, the contract has been awarded for a further two years. You could say that Churchill has earned its bundled badge!

“The mobilisation was different to any other contract we’ve done before” says Operations Manager, Chris Pallett. “Several Managers and Directors were involved from the beginning to give the correct amount of attention and make sure the site was staffed accordingly. We ensured that there were staff training sessions, so all staff knew how The Scout Association operated, and how Churchill was working in partnership with them.”

Gilwell Park has only recently expressed an appetite for hosting hospitality events on site, so the cleaning team are looking forward to facilitating this moving forward.

When hosting events, security comes with the territory. Gilwell Park has utilised Churchill Security for eight events thus far, commencing with their largest event on New Years’ Eve – with a view to continue doing so on an ad hoc basis for all 2018 events including high profile weddings and private celebrations until December.

“Gilwell is a remote site that sits between two police boundaries, which can potentially cause difficulties when immediate assistance from the police is requested” says Head of Close Protection and Events, Kat Hart. “We identified this when preparing our proposal for The Scout Association, and given the additional consideration of the venue hosting large numbers of children overnight in parallel to their private functions, we decided to detail members of our CP (Close Protection) team to cover these events as opposed to Door Supervisors. I felt that putting a more senior operator to this task ensures the highest level of command and control of any situation the site faced, with the dynamic and pro-active protection that a team of this calibre and experience delivers, instead of reacting when issues occur. We have built a small pool of operators who rotate through this task, ensuring the best level of site knowledge and continuity for the events team.”

Top badge

Each division is now working collaboratively to elevate the level of service for Gilwell Park. Pallet added: “the cleaning team make sure that the facilities are spick and span, which in turn elevates the experience for the customer as they enjoy a flawless dining experience provided by the catering team.”

“It’s a sign of a job well done in this industry when a client broadens their remit and opts to use additional service lines” adds Bridgement. Now providing catering, cleaning and security, Churchill has a seamless multi-service delivery established at Gilwell Park, and an exemplary working relationship with The Scout Association.