Churchill’s Hidden Talents

July 5, 2017

Day in, day out, we see the talents of our industrious, creative and energetic workforce from St Ives to Strathclyde. These talents revolve around customer service, flexibility, practicality, empathy, intuition and generally going ‘above and beyond’.

However, sometimes it takes a unique opportunity to arise, for our employees’ hidden talents to emerge. One such example is at the prestigious Regent’s University London, where one of our team members – Azzedine Zerar or ‘Morad’ (as he likes to be known) – has had a piece of his artwork included within the on-site art gallery.

The captivating piece christened as “The Amazon” by our Site Manager, Dave Adams now hangs proudly in the gallery exhibition.

Joe Saisi, Operations Director – London & South East believes: “…this truly demonstrates the hidden and diverse talents of our people and the relationship we develop with our customers to be a real part of the team and not ‘just the cleaners’”.