Driving to 50,001 Energy-Saving Partners

June 10, 2016

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) has launched the Energy Management Campaign, which aims to encourage the take-up of the ISO 50001 global standard to help businesses cut energy use and costs.

The CEM is a forum of the major economies and leading clean energy investors who work together to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

The Energy Management Campaign is aiming for 50,001 government, business and industry leaders to become ISO 50001-certified by 2020. ISO 50001 is the world’s leading international standard outlining best practice energy management, which draws on best practice from over 50 countries. Certified organisations are required to implement, establish and maintain a continuous standard of energy reduction.

Global implementation of ISO 50001 by organisations who use large amounts of energy is estimated to drive cumulative energy savings of 62 exajoules by 2030, saving over $600 billion in energy costs and avoiding 6,500 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Projected annual emissions savings in 2030 would be equivalent to removing 215 million passenger vehicles from the road.

Churchill has been accredited to ISO 50001 since November 2015 as part of our commitment to becoming a more environmentally-friendly business and to enable the company to reduce energy consumption.


For more information about the Clean Energy Ministerial and the Energy Management Campaign, visit http://cleanenergyministerial.org/.