How compliant are you?

January 11, 2018

By James Bradley

The word compliance is enough to send even the most experienced FM into a cold sweat…

There is enormous confusion in the FM industry, particularly within the hard services realm, about what is required to be done by law, a contract requirement, and what is good practice. And because of this it is likely many ‘duty holders’ are putting their organisations at risk by not being compliant or alternatively overspending unnecessarily. Unscrupulous contractors could either leave their clients at risk of reputational and financial disaster, or could conn them out of money.

The industry needs to make it clear which activities are statutory and which are not to avoid this type of confusion, and crucially making this available and easily accessible. We need to start aligning the terminology so it’s obvious what is statutory compliance and what is best practice so that people can understand the difference. The relationship between legislation and the various British Standards which affect FM also needs to be discussed because there is enormous confusion, not to mention affordability challenges. And, as an industry, we need to remove the 100% taboo and talk transparently about measuring compliance.

That’s why we decided to sponsor the Leaders Forum debate organised by the British Institute of Facilities Management last December looking at this very topic – hard FM compliance. The event was hosted at Churchill’s London HQ, and the debate brought together clients, suppliers, consultants, lawyers and specialists to debate the topic and plan a roadmap for hard services compliance.

This year, Churchill Compliance will continue to pioneer positive disruption in the facilities management compliance market. Our technology-led solutions have a vision of transparency driving performance and compliance not having to be complicated. We’ve also got some exciting news on the horizon – so watch this space!