Learning on the job

August 3, 2018

By Will Radcliffe – Training Manager

It’s one thing, coming to work every day and excelling in your role for clients. It’s another thing completely, however, to do this whilst also studying for professional qualifications in your spare time.

Therefore, it’s always encouraging to see Churchill employees pursuing their ambitions. Most recently, three of the team based at Wiltshire College’s Trowbridge campus have completed e-learning courses to boost their professional development. Site Manager Lisa Caines’ studies equate to two A levels – firstly, a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Management and an Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Management. Cleaner Jackie Preston has finished a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Team Leadership and an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship. Finally, housekeeper, Amanda Blackie has finished an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship and a BTEC Level 2 Diploma, both in customer service.

“It’s a real sense of achievement for all of us” said Lisa. “Personally, I’ve found the process of learning something new incredibly rewarding, and it’s great to know that I’m exploring avenues that will further develop my skillset. I’m looking forward to applying this to the work I do with the client on a day-to-day basis.”

Since 2016 we’ve greatly extended our internal appraisal schemes and personal development strategies, and we aim to encourage all personnel to continue developing their skills to help them achieve their ambitions, whether it is management, technical or professional training. Four factors are taken into consideration: the client’s objectives, our company values, the individual’s job-related competencies, and an assessment of their progression. From here, we can assess which external qualifications will best support their continued development.

We know that excellent service is underpinned by excellent people, so it’s fantastic to see Churchill’s strategy for employee development being put into practice. Congratulations to Lisa, Jackie and Amanda – not only on their learning achievements, but also the successful retender of the contract with Wiltshire College for a further three years!