Peace of mind: Churchill Compliance launches its new compliance software platform ‘CATI’

February 12, 2018

Today, Churchill Compliance has officially announced the launch of its new compliance software platform ‘CATI’ (Compliance Assurances through Insight) as the initial foundation for its vision to ‘digitise FM’.


This is Churchill’s first ‘SaaS-based’ digital solution, and has been developed specifically for the built environment to simplify and redefine FM compliance management. CATI’s dashboard presents unparalleled visibility of an organisation’s entire property portfolio; illustrating the status of all 33 common statutory compliance obligations within a building.

Acting as a central document source with date sensitive notifications and automatic reminders, CATI will ensure that our clients remain fully and legally compliant.

So how does it work? Depending on urgency, CATI highlights these as either red, amber, or green, and will email users when a specific action is upcoming or required. This feature gives a clear structure to those tasked with overseeing compliance, allowing them to schedule remedial work in a timely and effective fashion. A calendar feature also allows users to organise and alert all relevant people to specific and important events, protecting people and clients’ assets.

If users need to familiarise themselves with a particular piece of legislation, they hover over an acronym to find all the relevant information. Multiple user profiles can be set up for whoever requires them – whether it’s a contractor, building manager, engineer, CEO, or auditor ­­– giving flexibility to those with large portfolios. The facilities management team – or equivalent – has the option to inspect all profiles, meaning no information is ever inaccessible or left to chance. CATI also allows its users to upload and archive certificates for a completely auditable evidence trail.

Having already been through robust stress testing, the solution is now available to the market, with China Fleet Club among the first to sign-up to the new service. CATI was sold-in as an additional offering as part of Churchill’s existing environmental services contract with the country club, and went live on 1st January.  CATI represents Churchill’s first steps towards digitising FM processes for its clients – aiming to simplify, streamline and enable transparency.

James Bradley, Director of Complete Compliance at Churchill, said: “We developed CATI because we saw that there was a lack of clarity around compliance within the built environment. In an era of unprecedented scrutiny, compliance is something that cannot be neglected, nor should it ever be complicated. CATI offers its users transparency and peace of mind, protecting employees and organisations from risk. We’re excited to bring this product to market and help simplify the compliance process”.