Practise What You Preach!

May 9, 2017

We are proud of our industry-leading HSEQ department, which is dedicated to continuous improvement and constantly striving to be the best.

Our Group HSEQ and Compliance Director, Angelina Sooren, and Ben Jordan, HSEQ Advisor, showed just how dedicated they are to the health and safety cause this week by completing the IRATA level 1 course. IRATA is the only internationally recognised certification scheme for industrial rope access and there are three levels of qualification. The level 1 course is mainly practical and focuses on learning to perform the techniques safely and efficiently.

We manage a significant number of cleaning contracts where window cleaning is required and high level works are a regular focus for our HSEQ department. Angelina decided that in order to best support our operational teams she needed to fully understand the complexity of rope access climbing and enrolled on the five day course.

Angelina says: “This course really did make the team realise how hard it is working on the ropes and how critical it is to ensure that all other methods for working at height should be considered in the first instance. It is also imperative that duty holders of buildings to pass on all safety critical aspects of the building.

After successfully completing the course with Ben, Angelina urges her fellow safety professionals to give the course a try. She says: “we as safety practitioners can have all the safety qualifications in the world, but what is most important is how we apply our safety practices, taking into consideration both practical and commercial elements.”

Angelina and Ben completed the course with BeSafety Limited. Further details here: http://www.besafety.co.uk/

IRATA International: http://www.irata.org/