Scottish Success following Partnership with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

April 1, 2015

Churchill is delighted to announce the successful mobilisation of our three-year partnership with Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh, delivering cleaning services to all of the university buildings. QMU is a modern University located in Musselburgh, East Lothian near Edinburgh.

Our QMU success adds to our growing portfolio of Higher Educational contracts across the UK and we are particularly proud of this win, which has given Churchill our first Higher Education contract in Scotland.

Our bid was constructed around an understanding of the ‘dual approach’ needed to provide QMU with an all-year round solution. During term time we will focus on flexibility, consistency and the delivery of high standards with a specific emphasis on customer service. During ‘out of term’ periods we will be even more thorough, efficient and robust, offering strong leadership and an appreciation of hospitality. Through our services we aim to assist QMU in enhancing the student experience by providing a pleasant and clean environment in which to work and learn.

Positive feedback following our successful tender focused on our fresh approach, ensuring we stood out amongst our competitors. Additionally, we are delighted to have scored 100% in the Quality section of the tender, which covered areas such as Vision for Performance of Service, Absenteeism, Recruitment and Staff Vetting and Key Benefits.

Louisa Clarke, Operations Manager who mobilised the contract emphasised the smooth transition to Churchill: “The employees have been really responsive to the change and I’m pleased with how everything is going.”

Churchill looks forward to delivering our promised high quality service to QMU, meeting and exceeding their expectations. We hope this paves the way for more opportunities at other Higher Education institutions in Scotland.