Successful Mobilisation of Dual Service Delivery Contract at Epping St John’s School

September 12, 2016

Following our successful bid for the cleaning and catering contract at the Epping St John’s School, we are extremely proud of the combined mobilisation efforts carried out by the catering and cleaning teams.

In May this year we were awarded the cleaning and catering contracts for three years, commencing 1st August. Epping St John’s opened in 2013 with state-of-the-art technology and specialist facilities.

Chris Harding, Regional Director, and Joan Gilbert, Managing Director Pride Catering by Churchill, carried out a post mobilisation review and were delighted with the vast improvements made to the general presentation of the school, new branding and menus, exceptional quality of food along with great appearance and attitudes from the catering staff.

When asked his opinion about the new service provisions, Head Teacher Mr Osborne replied “it’s fantastic.”

Regarding the cleaning service delivery, the building is gleaming following the introduction of the latest innovative cleaning equipment and improved training along with increased staffing levels that make the overall facility a superb place in which to teach, learn and of course eat.

We look forward to taking this flagship combined service delivery contract from strength to strength over the coming months and years.