MakeReady is our market-leading solution for the ambulance sector, ensuring that all ambulance vehicles and stations are fully equipped, stocked, cleaned and serviced in a manner that enables a rapid and efficient response to any situation.

We deliver a comprehensive range of bespoke ambulance services and support, including ‘Make Ready’ services, clinical deep cleaning, infection control, medicine stock and medical device management, ambulance allocation and tracking, vehicle assessments and audits.

What makes us different

Optimising paramedics’ response.  

We are proud to have been innovators and pioneers in this field for over a decade. Having developed the UK’s first bespoke outsourced ambulance ‘Make Ready’ service, we continueto lead the way in providing many NHS Ambulance Trusts with effective and proven systems, processes and programmes.

Supported by the latest technology and insight from Modus, our unique online platform, our specialist MakeReady teams work in close partnership with our clients and are empowered to optimise processes and make changes for better service provision, leading to improved patient safety, collaboration and efficiency.


Fully compliant and trained on-site specialist teams


Industry-leading processes and bespoke training programmes approved and validated by four NHS Ambulance Trusts and accepted by the Paramedics Professional Body


Centralised control and live visibility of vehicle/asset location and availability, stock usage, and real-time work completion via an online portal

How we do it


Efficient stock and asset management through RFID tagged assets


Total compliance and real-time decision making through instant automated alerts for vehicles off road, missing assets, overdue deep cleans and upcoming expiry dates


Improved collaboration through a smartphone app that notifies crews of vehicle allocation, work completed, missing items and ongoing issues, as well as enables feedback on the vehicle


Enhanced Management Information reporting and compliant audit trail through bespoke dashboards and analysis of service, stock usage, and vehicle and asset availability

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