The Beginning of Things to Come…

October 30, 2017

After nearly a year in the making, Churchill launches ‘MyChurchill’ – a completely reimagined and totally revitalised employee gateway. We speak with Karen Magor, Internal Operations Director, about the new service and what it means for our employees and clients.

The idea of an employee portal is hardly a new endeavour. In fact, Churchill has had a portal in one guise or another for some years, offering online access to electronic payslips, P60s and certain staff documents. Initially a way of providing easy access for employees to access their pay information, the portal was also a way to limit impact on the environment; greatly cutting down on printing and postage.

But, like all things ‘digital’, the capabilities of the system, whilst originally fit for purpose, are now limited by the lack of integration with newer, more advanced technology which has since emerged.

And technology is not the only thing to have changed…

The success of Churchill over the past few years was epitomised at the beginning of October when The Sunday Times Top Track 250 named Churchill Contract Services Limited as one of Britain’s ‘leading private mid-market growth companies’. Of the 250 companies listed, Churchill was the second largest employer, with just under 12,000 members of staff across the UK.

According to Karen Magor, Internal Operations Director, the continued success and subsequent rise in employee numbers prompted a rethink of how Churchill engages with its staff:

We have an increasingly diverse profile of employees that are based on site, many whose first language is not English. The MyChurchill project was borne out of a need to connect with employees, reaching out in a way that we couldn’t before, to make sure they are all part of the Churchill family.

‘MyChurchill’ is the name of the new employee portal, which offers the same access to important information such as payslips as before, with a host of extra features and information, specifically designed to broaden the ways in which Churchill is able to interact with its staff.

Now, all employees, regardless of where they work or what their job role is, are able to access the service which hosts:

  • Payslips and P60s
  • Personal information, including contact address books
  • Pension statements and policy documentation
  • Company handbook and commonly used forms
  • News alerts and policy changes

A lot of time is spent filling in employee details, which has been a traditionally paper-based process. That meant that sometimes details weren’t always being updated. The MyChurchill system addresses that by automating the process. Importantly, it also means we can ensure we get next of kin details, which is a vital part of being a responsible employer, to make sure we fulfil our duty of care.

According to new research by Gallup, only a tenth (11%) of UK employees feel engaged at work. In its 2017 State of the Global Workforce Report, the management consultancy found that out-of-touch management processes could be to blame.

Howard Sloane, Managing Partner at Teslo HR, said of the report:

Businesses simply haven’t caught up with the pace of employee expectation and the speed that technology is changing the world of work. Flexibility is crucial. We are still some way off a global acceptance that improved employee engagement equals better sales and improved customer service; therefore it is only the really enlightened businesses that take it seriously enough to invest heavily in this area.

Churchill’s employee retention strategy has been built on the understanding that flexibility to meet changing demands is crucial. Karen Magor said:

We’ve made sure that MyChurchill is as future-proof as it can be – that means an open platform which can grow as we do, depending on what other developments emerge over the coming years.

So what might this mean for the future? The scalable essence of the new portal is perhaps its greatest achievement; already Karen and her team are exploring the possibility of fully digitised ‘site files’ which could be updated remotely, without the need for reprinting the entire suite of important documents each and every time a change is needed.

All of these new features will give our Account Managers more time to spend directly with our clients – less paperwork associated within employee administration, and less time spent ensuring that site files are compliant. MyChurchill was created with our staff in mind, but the benefit to our customers is clear.

The new portal launched on 30th October 2017, along with an app, available on Android and Apple phones. To encourage staff to take a look around and make use of the new services, Churchill has also introduced a monthly prize draw of £100 high-street vouchers, to be drawn at random, every time a member of staff logs in to the new portal.

MyChurchill will make all affected processes more efficient so that we can focus more on new initiatives and ensure that our contract service levels are maintained by a happy, motivated and engaged workforce.