Unsung heroes: a day in the life of a Site Supervisor

March 15, 2018

As the Churchill team continues to grow, it’s all too easy for exceptional work by individual employees to slip by unnoticed. Daily, we hear of staff going above and beyond for our clients. This ‘unsung heroes’ blog is a snapshot of the day-to-day of one of our staff, shining a light on the stars in the business. 

Today we’re focusing on Shaftesbury School, managed by Account Manager, Sean Mepham, and Site Supervisor, Lisa Lucas. The team consistently over delivers on what is contractually required by the client, making it a flagship contract for the South West region. Below are some words from Lisa detailing her typical working day. A special thank you to the whole team!

My name is Lisa Lucas and I am the supervisor for Churchill Contract Services at Shaftesbury school in Dorset.

I love my role as Site Supervisor. As with any job, it’s often the people that make it – and I work with an incredible team of 14 staff. The longest-serving team member is now in her 70s and has been with the school for over 20 years. We also have some in their twenties, and of course some in between.

A small group of us will start the morning shift at 7am (which, I have to say, is not particularly fun during the dark winter months!). However, I find it useful to walk around the school first thing to identify and make note of any issues for the team to rectify in the evening during the main cleaning operational hours. If there’s anything major to be dealt with, we can do a quick pick up clean in the morning to ensure the standard is set for the school day.

I can also make time during this shift to catch up with the onsite FM staff and the client to ensure all is well and running smoothly. Fortunately I have a great relationship with the school, which makes it so much easier to do my job on a daily basis and deliver the specification in full. As with any contract, it is all about having a joint approach between the client and Churchill. We leave the site at 9am to head home, run some errands and relax before returning later in the day.

Our next shift starts at 3pm. As a rule, everyone turns up 15 minutes or so before the shift starts. This gives me the opportunity to touch base with the team, letting them know what areas require additional attention, if there are any changes to the areas of responsibility, or if the school has any events taking place.

The team I work with are incredible – they each have their own section to work in, and each takes great pride in what they do. This in turn translates into the high standard of their work. Recent client audits have exceeded 90 per cent, far surpassing the SLA of 80 per cent. In a school of 1100 plus pupils, I feel this is an impressive achievement.

When the school hosts an event such as a parents’ evening, this can pose a bit of a challenge. However, the entire team will come together to make the school ready for the next day. We shock even ourselves with what we can achieve in a short space of time to get the job done. Working in collaboration with the additional support from Sean and Churchill, anything can be achieved!  As Account Manager, Sean is always on hand to give any advice or training. Particularly when we’re pushed for time, he’ll offer the encouragement needed to get to the finish line, even if it’s just in the form of a quick reassuring phone call.

Well that’s me, I started a year and a half ago and at times it’s been hard, but with the help of our amazing team, line manager, client, caretaking staff and Churchill, I am proud of what we are all achieving. I really do love my job, whatever it throws at me.