About us

We’re easy to do business with, we listen, and because we’re independently owned, we can be flexible and agile to meet the needs of the customers we work with. This independence drives ownership and accountability out in the field, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of the talented teams across all of our businesses.

Our expert businesses



Ensuring the financial running of our business is done with integrity to maintain our stability and solidity in the market place.


The environment

Managing our impact on our planet and making the changes we can to mitigate damage to the environment, and helping our customers to do the same.

The Churchill philosophy

We're a forward thinking business and have a clear strategy built on four key focus areas, all underpinned by our values of Always do right, Always seek better and Always put people first.


Attracting the best talent through a strong culture and giving our people something to be part of and keeping them by putting them first.


Digital transformation

Supporting our people and our customers by developing streamlined and more effective ways of working, resulting in ease, simplicity and transparency.


Churchill’s digitisation

Forward thinking is in our DNA and we want to embrace the digital and technology-led world we operate in. Our digital transformation vision is underpinned by our unique online platform Mo:dus which has been developed to allow us to create transparency, drive performance, aid risk management, and contribute towards our and our clients’ lives.


Enables efficient, easy trade in a digital world 


Creates creditable insight-led service offerings


Offers scalable Digitised FM software packages to the wider industry

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