Our culture attracts the kind of people to want to give back and make a difference both in their working and personal lives.
We know that to make a positive and lasting impact needs a long-term commitment. This is why all of our programmes are designed to drive sustainable value.
We’re proud of the sustainable employment opportunities we create and how we invest in people to develop themselves personally and professionally.
Local hubs grow too and contribute to the overall social health and resilience of the community.

We’re committing to tomorrow...

Our overarching purpose of ‘Doing the right thing’ is core to our mission of creating a long-term future for all.
We are committed to carrying out business fairly, honestly and ethically and we cultivate a Purpose driven culture. In support of being an impact focused organisation we will consider, measure and report against Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors.

ESG goals

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Working with like-minded investors, partners and clients who share our core values and objectives
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Ensuring our own premises are resilient to climate change and in-line with our pathway towards Net Zero
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Empowering our supply chain to act responsibly and ethically to cultivate long-termism
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Identifying innovation opportunities and developing solutions
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Implementing regular ESG monitoring and reporting to enable continual improvement

Our core ESG and sustainability documents comprise a Policy, Strategy and Charter. In addition, we produce an annual ESG Report to include appropriate disclosure of ESG performance data and show progress against our commitments.