We’re all different. We all have something to contribute

When you’re looking for a job, it can feel like there’s a rigid mould in which you have to fit. Passed exams, work history, references. But not everyone ticks these boxes. It doesn’t mean you have nothing valuable to bring to the workplace.

Here at Churchill Group, we celebrate our diversity and are passionate about our people. What does that mean? In short, everyone is welcome here. We are a growing organisation with a conscience, and we’re dedicated to providing inclusive jobs, career development opportunities and job security – especially if you’re finding it difficult to gain employment.

So whatever your life history and previous experiences, you can look to the future with Churchill Group. We’re proud to offer employment opportunities to everyone from experienced employees to career startersex-military personnel, refugees, homeless people and care leavers.

Get a foot in the door, with job security you can rely on

Having job security can make all the difference to your life. With the stability of a regular income you can be more secure in your home and begin to plan for the future. Here at Churchill Group we have a wide range of full-time and part-time inclusive jobs available, so you can find the right role to suit your needs and abilities.

Once you’ve started working at Churchill Group, it doesn’t need to end there. If you’re keen to learn and progress, there are lots of ways to develop your career. From apprenticeships to training opportunities, we’re dedicated to helping you learn, gain experience and build a satisfying and rewarding career.

Just starting out? Begin your career at Churchill Group

Maybe this is your first step into work or you have limited experience from previous roles. If that’s you, we’d love to have you on board. We’re proud to nurture our new starters, offering roles where you can gain skills and experience to build your career.

It can be difficult to adjust to the world of work. So we offer a range of flexible inclusive jobs and roles, both full and part time, with different hours available depending on the job. It means you can find your feet in your new career, fitting your work around your other commitments.

Your wellbeing is really important to us, so we’ll make sure you can take advantage of our WellMe programme, a scheme that’s person-focused and treats you as the individual you are. We want to be a workplace that’s both stimulating and supportive to all our employees.

We’re proud to be employee-owned, with 53% of the company’s shares entrusted to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). These shares, held by the EOT, are dedicated to benefiting our employees.

When you join an employee-owned company like Churchill Group, you’re not just becoming a part of a team – you’re becoming a stakeholder in our collective success. Employee ownership means that our goals, values, and successes are intertwined with those of every individual working with us.

Care leavers

As part of the care leavers covenant, we’re committed to supporting care leavers aged 16-25 to live independently. Through this national programme, we offer the training, mentoring and flexibility that care leavers need to thrive in a new career.

If you’re leaving care and looking for an inclusive job where you’ll receive coaching and on-the-job training, consider a career with us.

We can learn from you. Bring your experience to facilities management

Perhaps you’ve worked in other jobs before, or you have a background in the Armed Forces?

You may not realise it, but your experience could be a valuable asset for one of our many ex-military jobs. As an inclusive opportunities employer, we look forward to seeing how your life experience can be transferred into a corporate setting. Even if you’re new to facilities management, you can use these transferable skills in areas like operations, project management or people management.

Why not browse our job vacancies to see what roles might suit your background?

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