Ex-Military Jobs in Facilities Management

From your military service to our service sector: career transition is easy at Churchill with our ex-military jobs

Find a fulfilling new role in Facilities Management (FM), with an Armed Forces friendly employer

At Churchill we know that there are many veterans, just like you, looking to transition into a civilian role. The skills you have developed during your military career are a great fit and are easily transferable to the ex-military jobs available in the facilities management industry.

With a Gold Award for the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme, Churchill is the perfect place to find a fulfilling role for the next chapter in your career, whatever branch of facilities management you choose.

Follow your career aspirations, and we’ll support you all the way

The corporate world can seem a very different place from the military. But with a little support from Churchill, we’re confident you’ll find the same career success after life in the Armed Forces.

Your skills as a veteran are in great demand. We value your experience in military operations and project management. And with enviable strengths when it comes to teamwork, problem solving, strategic thinking and communication, you could be ideally suited to a wide variety of careers and ex-military jobs in facilities management.

Transferable Skills

At Churchill, we recognise the many valuable transferable skills that ex-military personnel can bring to our team. We’ll invest in you to help you make the transition into a different working environment, and support you to develop your career, whatever direction you want to take. 

Think management could be for you? As part of the team at Churchill you will have access to our management development programme, ElevateMe. This provides managers with ongoing training and development aligned to their role and career aspirations.

We’re employee owned

We’re proud to be employee-owned, with 53% of the company’s shares entrusted to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). These shares, held by the EOT, are dedicated to benefiting our employees.

When you join an employee-owned company like Churchill, you’re not just becoming a part of a team – you’re becoming a stakeholder in our collective success. Employee ownership means that our goals, values, and successes are intertwined with those of every individual working with us.

Your wellbeing is our highest priority

We look to provide transformative opportunities for veterans and their families to thrive in their post-service lives and ex-military jobs.

Whatever role you set your sights on, we will ensure that you receive support, recognition and a fulfilling career, while helping to harmonise your work-life balance. 

Our WellMe programme is bursting with support, tools and resources to enable you to define wellbeing in a way that works for you.

Mosaic is our four-pillar diversity and inclusivity programme to ensure everyone at Churchill has a voice and an opportunity to direct and inform how the company is managed and run.

As signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant, we promise that all those who have served in the armed forces will be treated fairly here at Churchill.

We’re proud to have received its Gold Award as part of the Employer Recognition Scheme.

Want to know more? Connect with other veterans

We work hard to encourage and support ex-military colleagues here at Churchill. And we know that making the transition into civilian life involves a big adjustment. 

So before you take the plunge into one of our ex-military jobs, why not connect with some of the ex-service personnel who now work for us? They’ll be able to tell you more about what it’s like to work at Churchill, and how their military service has equipped them for a career in facilities management. 

If you’d like to talk to a fellow veteran before applying, please get in contact via our email Ex-Military@churchillservices.com and we’ll put you in touch.

Churchill and Ex-Military personnel

From your military service to our service sector.

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