Exploring your career opportunities after the army, navy or RAF

Transitioning from military to civilian life after time spent in service can be challenging, no matter what your reasons for the change. However, the military equips people with unparalleled skills of organisation, resilience, cooperation, as well as tactical and strategic thinking. You might be surprised at how transferable and sought-after your skills and experiences are to other careers – which can lead you to places you might never have expected.

If you recently left the armed forces and are wondering what to do after the military, read on to discover the wealth of possibilities, as well as how your skills can transfer to facilities management and how Churchill supports veterans.

What can I do after the military?
A career after the army, navy or RAF will be a significant change, but this can be an exciting opportunity to put to use what you have learned, in a new way.

Your unique path will depend on your interests, aspirations and qualifications. But some career paths that could harness your transferable skills include:

  • Operations management
    Operations management roles vary, but typically involve ensuring an organisation’s operations run smoothly and efficiently. This could involve recruiting personnel, enforcing health and safety compliance, training, improving workflow and procedures.This can be ideal for a career after the army, navy or RAF, particularly if you have experience in operations leadership skills. Overseeing logistics, personnel, project management and planning are some responsibilities that are highly applicable to these roles.
  • Supply chain management
    A career in logistics and distribution can be perfect as a career after the military. This oversees the movement of goods in a company’s supply chain, ensuring maximum efficiency and maintaining positive relationships with vendors and distributors.If you have worked in logistics, a crucial military function, whether delivering essential equipment or supporting training, your logic and problem-solving skills to get things running smoothly would be an asset.
  • Account management
    Account management is a stakeholder engagement role, working with clients to ensure the relationship is productive and meeting everyone’s needs. An account manager might prepare sales reports, identify new business opportunities or answer client concerns through regular meetings.You may have experience in relationship-building with colleagues, customers or foreign nationals, which is highly transferable to a customer service role. The clear communication skills you have cultivated could make you stand out from other candidates in your career after the military.

Careers in facilities management
Facilities management is another option for a career after the army, navy or RAF that is ideal for the veteran skill set.

Military skills are highly transferable to facilities management, which encompasses a wide range of roles to support business performance. Whilst many have not come from a corporate background, at Churchill Group we highly value military skills in operations, project and people management.

We’re proud to have many ex-service personnel working in a variety of roles, including site managers, directors and service delivery managers:

“Within the Churchill Group, there is a real appreciation that skills gained in the armed forces, like personal discipline, presentation, timeliness, task focus and resilience are readily transferable to our business. We have a mentoring programme that can see veterans paired up with other veterans so that they can be supported by someone that knows the world they came from.” – Davey Watson, Regional Director for Amulet

Meet some ex-veterans who are thriving in their new careers in facilities management with Churchill Group.

A career after the military with Churchill Group
We are proud to have been awarded the Gold Award from the Armed Forces Covenant for our commitment to those who serve or have served in the armed

We understand that changing from military to civilian life can be daunting. We have partnered with organisations such as JobOppo, Career Transition Partnership and Walking with the Wounded, which work to support veterans with the transition into a career after the army, navy or RAF.

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At Churchill Group, we ensure you receive support, recognition and a fulfilling career, while helping to harmonise your work/life balance.

We value people with a diverse range of experience and love to support former veterans with their careers after the army, navy or RAF. To find out more, have a look at our ex-military opportunities.

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