We made the decision to become employee owned because of the multiple benefits to our employees and the opportunity for everyone in the company to benefit from the reward.

Our colleagues are what makes Churchill’s specialist businesses so successful which is why our founders wanted it to be them who should share in the future success.

– James Bradley, CEO

Experience the difference - we are employee owned

Growth and evolution for the greater long-term benefit of our employees, customers and communities.

Churchill Group has become employee-owned, making our employees beneficiaries of our future success. We hope this will empower our teams to share our goals and shape the future of Churchill and our specialist businesses as becoming employee owned really means we can all be safe in the knowledge that every decision the business takes will be to positively affect our customers and employees.

Our vision is to support our colleagues and customers, and the communities we work with to ensure that they succeed and prosper. Becoming employee owned will create long lasting positive impact for the people and spaces we serve.

We continue to be managed on a daily basis by our existing leadership team, with our founders acting as a guiding hand to support the long-term stability and sustainability of the business.

What does it mean to be owned by an Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”)?

In a company which is owned by an EOT, some or all of the company’s shares are held by the EOT for the benefit of the company’s employees.

For Churchill Group (the “Company”), it means that just over half (53%) of the Company’s shares have been transferred to an EOT and those shares are held by the EOT for the benefit of the employees of the business.

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