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We believe that everyone deserves to take the safety of their environment as a given and we work in partnership with our clients to deliver environmental compliance services in a transparent, efficient and service-led way.

Through our team of subject matter experts, we work collaboratively to fully understand your compliance status; and by using our technology platform we harness the live data from the asset sensors to provide knowledge to inform decisions on asset lifecycle, efficiencies and the overall goal of human safety.

We deliver a full range of environmental compliance services including water and air hygiene, fire, electrical and gas safety, and asbestos management. Our teams are based across the UK and have experience of working in all sectors.


What makes us different

Safe environments should come as standard.

Our service delivery encompasses risk assessment, control schemes and project and remedial work, giving you a 360° viewpoint on how to achieve the best outcomes. Supporting this, our Switched-On technology platform combines four key modules that cover Estate, Asset, People and Planet into one platform to help you to manage all aspects of your environmental compliance.

By working with you, we ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workforce and community, streamline the administration of your building and environmental compliance and enable you to be proactive in managing your assets.


Our technical expertise across all service areas allows us to self-deliver 95% of the services we provide


We are service-led, creating client-focused bespoke solutions

How we do it


We ensure recognition for engineers which drives ownership and empowers them to make professional judgements for the most responsive service


We take a partnership approach to asset lifecycle and proactive management to create long-term value

Switched-ON Estate

Providing you with one version of the truth for everything building and environmental compliance across your entire property portfolio. It keeps you on track with renewal deadlines, displaying all your documents in a secure dedicated online hub.

Switched-ON Assets

Our technology platform provides you with live access to all of your system assets and business critical data, together with all historic monitoring data and records. You will have instant visibility of your compliance ratings and tailored automated reports keeping you informed of any variances or non-conformances as the work is undertaken.

Switched-ON People

Full visibility around your engineer visits and activity; we’ll let you know when they’re on their way and provide live notifications on the status of the work being carried out on your premises, together with instant certification records when completed.

Switched-ON Environment

The Environment module encompasses all aspects of your working environment, combining sensor technology with intelligent software to enable remote monitoring, providing real-time data on system performance and crucial information about the lifecycle of your buildings and assets.

Your compliance management solution

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