Environmental Compliance Services

The management of safety and compliance is critical to our built environment and the wellbeing of the people within it.

By taking a smarter approach and thinking differently we will collaborate to not only control and manage the safety and compliance for your organisation, but have a measurable positive effect on sustainability and your social impact.

We will work in partnership with you to future-proof your built environment, while being fully compliant, in a socially responsible and sustainable way, enabling you to achieve your objectives in these important areas.


What makes us different

Safe environments should come as standard.

Our service delivery encompasses risk assessment, control schemes and project and remedial work, giving you a 360° viewpoint on how to achieve the best outcomes. Supporting this, our Switched-On technology platform combines four key modules that cover Estate, Asset, People and Planet into one platform to help you to manage all aspects of your environmental compliance.

By working with you, we ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workforce and community, streamline the administration of your building and environmental compliance and enable you to be proactive in managing your assets.

Safety and compliance solutions

Future-proofing the built environment

We take a partnership approach to deliver services in a transparent, efficient, and data-led way.

Through our team of subject matter experts, we will work collaboratively with you to fully understand your compliance status. By using our online platform Mo:dus we integrate our solutions via technology to share information with you to inform decisions on asset lifecycle, efficiencies, and the overall goal of safe and sustainable buildings.

We deliver a full range of environmental compliance services, including water and air hygiene, fire, electrical and gas safety, and asbestos management. Our teams are based across the UK and have experience of working in all sectors.

The benefits of IoT sensor technology

The enabler for doing things differently is technology. Smart sensors connect your buildings and drive a more efficient way to be compliant and enhance your working environment. They also give you a greater insight into what is happening through real-time data and trend analysis.

Reduce carbon footprint through decreased travel to location
Optimise your working environment and wellbeing of employees through insight of real-time data
Enhance compliance through continual remote monitoring by end to end system
Reduce water and energy wastage by monitoring heating and usage reduction in flushes needed, generating cost efficiencies

Sensor technology benefits to a leading food retailer

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