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Award recap – Security Guarding Company of the Year

We were incredibly proud to see our security business named Security Company of the Year at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2019. Recognised for delivering the highest possible service standards within the security industry, the judges noted Amulet teams’ professionalism, consistency of service and responsibility to both customers and staff. The strong growth of the business also played a big part in the award win – Amulet is one of the fastest growing security companies with an amazing 40% top-line growth in FY18/19.

Amulet is delighted to be sponsoring the category for 2020 and being able to acknowledge others for their work.

Amulet’s commitment to training was a key factor in winning the award. Skillgate, our online training platform, provides easy access to industry-leading mandatory and self-directed courses. In partnership with the rail client c2c, Amulet also developed a bespoke, best-in-class face-to-face and online training programme to cover all aspects of rail security, counter terrorism and customer service.

Its successful implementation means that all Amulet rail security officers have full situational awareness of their environment; the ability to recognise someone in danger; the knowledge of what to do if they spot something that doesn’t look right; awareness of the safe conditions for a train to be dispatched; and ensuring late night passengers are able to make their way home safely.

The judges also saw how this care and attention extends beyond Amulet’s customers and how dedicated they are to their people. Amulet empowers teams to act autonomously and always seek the best possible outcomes. The business creates a supporting and stimulating working environment through approachable local management teams and recognition of excellence. We know how well it works, and this is reflected in the noticeably low employee turnover rates and by the fact that Amulet has attracted some key industry professionals who share the same values. It has allowed Amulet to enjoy a diversity of talent that has resulted in a leadership team that is 50 per cent female.

Amulet was also recognised for transforming security through embracing technology that drives improvement. But transformation is more than that – it comes from creating a tailored service, using leadership team experience to deliver best practice, and from filtering out the challenges of working with large providers.

Like Churchill, Amulet is also very much a part of the communities it works in. From our dedicated Community Team working on social value projects, to industry initiatives like the Making London Safer initiative that seeks to reduce knife crime, Amulet is committed to helping with the issues that matter. Amulet also works with the City Security Council to improve standards, sharing best practice and supporting the City of London Police and the Corporation of London to combat terrorism.

The business continues to prioritise high standards – a core value for Amulet. It achieved a score of 168 out of the maximum overall score of 174 in the SIA’s ACS assessment, placing the company in the top five per cent of all UK security providers. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and that the business remains committed to maintaining these standards.