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Cati launches new website

We’re delighted to announce that our compliance software Cati has launched a new website – see it at This follows on from the launch of Cati 2.0 in June, in which an advanced version of the platform was released with enchanced technology, flexibility and a new interface.

Compliance management has been thrown into the spotlight since the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses already need to track compliance in multiple areas, including water system safety, energy and electricity, fire safety and mechanical work. They also needed to manage compliance in health and safety, which has been complicated by the pandemic. There are guidelines from multiple bodies to follow and guidance is frequently being updated.

Cati 2.0 includes a bespoke Covid-19 dashboard for precisely this reason. Those responsible for managing an organisation’s compliance can track anything and everything Covid-related in one user-friendly system, ensuring that their building remains compliant.

For organisations still using spreadsheets or hard paper copies, or a combination of the two, to track compliance, the pandemic may be the moment that they opt to make the switch to online software.

Not all compliance software is user-friendly which is why Cati 2.0 has been designed with three core principles in mind – flexibility, simplicity and transparency.

The user interface is extremely intuitive so those with limited or no experience of such software can quickly become adept at using it.

Flexibility is evident in the way in which each dashboard can be adapted to work for any type or organisation or workplace – single or multiple site. Cati employs a module system so that organisations can choose and customise the modules that they need. These include assets, insurance, contractor and property/estates, to list just a few. Users can also build their own modules to tailor Cati precisely to their requirements.

A traffic light system gives at-a-glance transparency so compliance managers can always see what the most urgent tasks are. All documentation is stored online so a business is not reliant on the hard copies or internal knowledge of one person.

Everyone in the Cati team deserves a huge amount of credit for their work over the summer and we’re excited to introduce new and existing clients to the website.