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Churchill Group’s Mo:dus launches Covid-19 symptom tracker

Churchill Group has today launched a COVID-19 symptom tracker app via Mo:dus, the soft service provider’s digital platform, to monitor signs and curb the spread of the coronavirus strain that is behind the current pandemic.

Employees are being encouraged to submit any symptoms on a daily basis via a simple step-by-step process. The app will then share self-isolation Government guidance. This will ensure that those showing symptoms related to COVID-19 either stay at home or seek medical support, which is an essential step in reducing the risk of transmission in the workplace and therefore a localised outbreak.

The Mo:dus symptom tracker app has been designed as a way to protect a work community by reducing the average number of people that one infected person can expect to pass the coronavirus onto, known as the R value. According to the World Health Organization, the natural R value of coronavirus so far falls between 2 to 2.5. This means that every infected person may pass the virus on to between 2 and 2.5 other people. The worldwide ambition is to bring the R value down as far as possible, to less than 1, to prevent a second wave.

This mission underpinned the development of the Mo:dus symptom tracker. The app includes an array of features, such as:

  • daily scheduled in-app push notifications for daily symptoms response
  • automated isolation prompts where applicable symptoms are logged
  • real time alerts for COVID-19 cases and escalations
  • ability to submit key worker COVID-19 test results
  • in-app isolation update tracking to help colleagues and organisations better understand labour availability
  • trended reporting is also available on desktop

The Mo:dus COVID-19 symptom tracker, which follows public health guidelines and is GDPR compliant, complements the NHS app already in circulation but, unlike the NHS platform, Churchill’s version enables data reporting via an organisational-friendly interface that has been specifically designed to help employers not only protect and reassure the workforce, but manage labour availability.

This app is now available to external organisations. To register interest, please submit an enquiry referencing ‘Mo:dus symptom tracker’ via the online form here.

Antony Law, managing director of Churchill, said: “Through our Mo:dus technology platform, we have invested significantly in our communications to frontline staff to ensure that they self-isolate if they come under risk of contracting the virus. Our coronavirus symptom tracker app will allow our staff to self-report should they have symptoms or not. This not only prevents the spread of the virus between our teams and clients but it also offers people reassurance that we are doing everything in our power to protect each other.”

James Bradley, director at the Churchill Group, said: “As part of Churchill’s ongoing investment in using digital tools to enhance our clients’ and our colleagues’ work lives, we have developed a new app, part of Mo:dus. The ethos of Mo:dus is to create transparency and aid our working lives, and this new COVID-19 symptom tracker app will help everyone to protect the wellbeing of colleagues, family and friends, and support organisations’ back to work plans. Now is the time to offer employees reassurance that employers are doing everything they can to protect their teams. The app allows organisations to harness valuable data to inform the right behaviours for the good of everyone.”

In addition to the symptom tracker, Churchill’s COVID taskforce has launched a matrix of solutions designed to offer peace of mind that work environments are safe to the very highest standards. This includes enhanced swab testing service and hygiene regimes that will, in addition to professional swabbing, proactively reduce the risk of spreading the virus when the time comes to return to the office.