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Churchill unveils Sustainability Charter

We’re proud to be a sustainability leader in the FM industry. To ensure that this continues, we have developed a Sustainability Charter. With this Charter, Churchill commits to continuously reduce our environmental impacts, to improve the well-being of our employees, to benefit the communities we work and live in, and to be at the forefront of innovation.

We have set four key priority areas that will define our long-term goals and guide us on our road to a sustainable future: Environment, Social, Governance and Innovation. By focusing on these four broad areas we intend that sustainability remains a fundamental aspect in all of our business decisions and a key part of the Churchill culture.


We will make an active contribution to tackling climate change by reducing both the direct and indirect impact of our activities on the environment. We are not only monitoring our own business operations, but we are also working with our suppliers to improve Churchill’s sustainable procurement and endeavour to only work with suppliers that can demonstrate high levels of environmental and social responsibility. We will drive positive actions with all clients and stakeholders we work with and share the best practices we identify.


Churchill Group employs over 14,000 staff members across the UK and recognises social sustainability is about identifying and managing the positive and negative impacts our business has on society. The health and wellbeing of our employees are key considerations for our business and Churchill will effectively assess and manage all of our risks and support our society, giving back to the communities we work and live in.


Corporate governance is about the ethical leadership and management culture behind the decisions we make and the strategic direction we take. Churchill will maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote continued confidence with employees, clients and other stakeholders.


Churchill Group sees innovation as a key path in becoming more sustainable. We will actively seek out solutions that reduce our impact on the planet and allow us to be at the forefront of our industry.

Our Sustainability Steering Group will be in charge of making sure we stay on track with our commitments in each of these areas.

From chemical-free cleaning products at our high-spec cleaning service Portfolio to the use of biodegradable packaging at our catering arm Radish, we’ve worked hard throughout 2019 to implement sustainable practices. We also launched our internal campaign ‘Make One Change’ to encourage all of our employees to change one thing about their lifestyle that would benefit the environment around them.

We’ll be sharing updates on all of our sustainability work throughout the year on our website and social media channels – look out for some news on our sustainability champions soon. Here’s to a sustainable 2020!