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First impressions – Kane Loveridge

Starting a career in water hygiene

I’m a water hygiene engineer apprentice with Churchill Environmental. My first interaction with the company was a two-hour long interview with a senior member of the team to discuss the role. I was really impressed that they would dedicate that amount of time to speaking with me and explaining the role and I immediately felt reassured that I’d have all the support I needed throughout my apprenticeship.

I was completely new to water hygiene when I started so it was a steep learning curve, but each mentor I’ve had has been so willing to support my development. They find a great balance between me shadowing them, teaching me directly, and supervising when I first take on a new task. Each mentor has also taken the time to explain their role which has been crucial in my understanding of the company, and also what each person brings to the team.

I’ve really taken to the plumbing side of the role – not just the physical aspect, but everything around why it’s important. When I started I was not familiar with Legionnaires’ disease, the dangers it poses and how it can spread. My mentors gave me a great overview, from the importance of following government guidance to best practice in preventing the disease. Working in a role that is fundamental in protecting the health and safety of building users is a great feeling.

I’d highly recommend the apprenticeship whether water hygiene seems of interest or not. The worst case scenario is you can learn about a new industry that will still benefit your career development, and the best case scenario is mine as I’ve loved every minute of it!