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January wellbeing initiatives

We all know that January can be a tough month at the best of times. The cold weather, short days and post-holiday blues all make it a month we’re usually happy to see the back of. This year, it has been exacerbated by the ongoing lockdown and other worries brought on by the pandemic.

We strive to support the wellbeing of our friends and colleagues at all times, and realised we’d need a few extras to help everyone this January. Here are a handful of the initiatives we’ve launched in January.

Monthly Smile draw

On Friday 29th January we held our first Smile draw. Ten Churchill colleagues were randomly chosen to receive a £100 gift voucher, redeemable at multiple stores. We’ll be drawing ten names on the last Friday of every month, so plenty of chances to win!

Shining Stars

Shining Stars is our new recognition scheme that we are piloting in London before rolling out nationwide. The scheme aims to reward Churchill colleagues who demonstrate exceptional behaviour that supports our core values:

The awards will be based on nominations from managers, employees and clients. The winners will be selected each month by a central team, to ensure results are consistent. Winners will be presented with a certificate and a Shining Star badge.

Any employee that receives an award in all three categories will be considered for a Super Star award, which comes with a £250 gift voucher.

#WellMeWalk challenge

Getting exercise is a vital part of wellbeing, but not always easy during the winter months. We launched the #WellMeWalk challenge to get active and boost our wellbeing and the response so far has been phenomenal! Since the challenge started on 20th January, we’ve collectively walked 35 million steps across 65 teams and covered almost 24,000km, which means we’ve nearly walked around the world!

2021 gives us cause for optimism as the vaccine rollout continues. Let’s continue to take care of ourselves and support each other.