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Our progress on digital transformation

In 2019 Churchill embarked on a digital transformation project, Mo:dus, designed to simplify FM service delivery and facilitate enhanced ways of working with our clients. The last year has seen significant progress on our digitisation journey, with planned developments rolling out and some new innovations driven by the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic presented.

Since March, we have used Mo:dus to effectively communicate with our teams. It has allowed us to make sure all employees were kept up to date with relevant information, and helped us to keep them engaged if they had been furloughed.

We launched a Covid-19 symptom tracker app to monitor signs and curb the spread of the coronavirus. Employees can submit their symptoms on a daily basis and the app then shares Government guidance for anyone showing symptoms related to Covid-19. This has been an essential step in helping to reduce the risk of transmission in the workplace and therefore avoid a localised outbreak, helping our wider communities as a whole.

Outside of the pandemic, Mo:dus continues to enable ease of doing business, both with our clients and internally with our colleagues. Having real time, automated and governed workflow and processes as well as creating transparency has allowed us to understand performance. Moving forward, we’ll be able to use the software to continuously evolve and improve the lives of our staff, our clients and their clients.

Mo:dus is allowing us to partner with our clients in new ways by using data visibility to contract in different ways. It helps us to move away from the old input/output fixed cost contracting models and is a platform for collaboration. It means that we can better connect people and teams, and enable seamless workflows for keeping in touch – for both serious and social matters.

Our digital transformation journey is picking up pace. It is helping us collect and use data in a way that helps our people and clients to thrive, and making work life better through digitisation, automation and connectivity.

We believe in the power of using a cloud based system to integrate core business functions, and Mo:dus does just that. We’re excited that 2021 will see Churchill further embed technology into the heart of our offering and improve the way we operate our business.