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Radish celebrates its second anniversary

On its second birthday, our catering business has plenty to celebrate!

Since launching its new identity in 2017, the Radish family has grown in strength and passion. The business celebrated a number of achievements over the course of 2018 including the launch of the Radish website and shortlisting for Contract Caterer of the Year at the 2018 EDUcatering Awards. The success has continued into 2019.

Quality for all

At the beginning of 2019, Radish launched its partnership with IDC and in July 2019 secured a further partnership with Fresh Direct, which supplies Radish chefs with fully traceable products from local and regional sources. This ensures that all its suppliers are fully accredited and have exceptional quality and sustainability standards. Radish is also supporting the local dairies by continuing its supply from Pensworth Dairy, which ensures the use of locally sourced dairy products across all Radish sites.

The business is continuously working with all suppliers to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Cooking up a competition

With the confidence that it had the highest quality produce and incredibly talented chefs, Radish was ready to take on bigger challenges. In January, Radish chef Sara Franklin reached the finals of the LACA National School Chef of the Year competition and appeared on the BBC One Show.

Later in the year, Radish Craft and Development Chef, Tony Lones, was selected as a finalist in the Business and Industry StrEAT Food Awards. We are confident that the business can scoop some wins next year.

Health is wealth

Always looking to inspire kids to enjoy healthy eating, Radish launched its Veg Power ‘Power Up Station’ earlier this year. As part of the initiative, primary school children are encourage to try a different vegetable every week. Each one is used in a dish to show children how great recipes can make vegetables delicious. Radish incorporated its vegetables into salads, breads, and dips.

Catering for a long life

In January 2019, Radish introduced its Long Service Achievement, awarding staff for every five years they are a part of the Radish family. The business values the incredible community its people create and wants to celebrate those who are a part of it. The recipients are announced on a monthly basis.

On the other end of the time scale, Radish introduced the new DCS 100 per cent recyclable coffee cups. The individual cups may not be receiving any long service awards, but their eco-friendly design ensures they don’t stick around in landfill sites either. This cup was born in the UK; the recyclable cups only travel on average 199 miles to get to our sites, in contrast the average disposable cup comes from the far east, over 6,183 miles away.

Looking forward

In the new year, Radish will officially launch its new look and a new menu on a three-week cycle for its secondary school clients. Its debut at Campion secondary school in Northamptonshire has been incredibly successful and the business is looking forward to bringing more events and innovations to schools across the country including parent engagement, work experience, a student survival guide, and themed calendar events throughout the year, such as Bonfire Night, Veganuary, and Healthy Heart Valentines.

Radish is a family of passionate foodies and innovators. Their mission is to bring vibrant and sustainable food to the table for everyone, educating and inspiring as they do it. Radish continued strengthening its current client partnerships and started some exciting new ones this year with clients in B&I and assisted living sectors. We’re hungry to see what 2020 will bring for Radish!