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Respecting others for safe return to work

Andrew Broderick, our group QHSE and sustainability director, explains our Respect campaign to ensure a safe return to work for our colleagues.

As the country starts to think about easing the lockdown, businesses are starting to return to work under the government guidance that this is allowed if work cannot be done from home.

There is an abundance of useful information available and what we’ve seen is that all of the adjustments that need to be made need us to respect our colleagues and those around us to enable a successful next phase in the fight against Covid-19.

We are working to the 5 steps to working safely both for our own offices and for how we work on our clients’ premises. It’s a great basis for communicating the steps we all need to take when going back to a place of work, but we wanted to support this approach even further which is why we’ve created our Respect campaign, for our employees at our offices and our teams working on clients’ sites.

Respecting others is fundamental to the adoption of new processes and procedures and taking extra care to mitigate the risk. Our aim for the campaign is to remind people that doing the right thing in following the guidance at all times is our contribution to lowering the R value (transmission rate). Using the R and Respect will be a consistent reminder as to why we’re all working so hard to create safe workplaces for our teams and our clients.