Take the risk out of your compliance

Cati is our online compliance solution designed to effectively manage your legal and business critical compliance across your portfolio.

It gives you one version of the truth for everything compliance related, displaying all documents in a dedicated online hub. Cati allows those responsible for managing an organisation’s compliance to keep on top of renewals and remedials by reducing the time spent manually reviewing expiry dates. Its digital interface helps users to streamline the entire compliance process.

Streamline and simplify your compliance management solutions

Cati digitises your paper-based compliance tasks, streamlining your compliance management and giving you an accurate compliance snapshot for total peace of mind that your people and assets are protected at all times.

Through its simple configuration, understanding your real time compliance status is always just three clicks away.


As an online platform, you will have total assurance that you can always stay up-to-date with your compliance; there is nothing to download and the set-up process takes less than an hour. Any updates to the system are done automatically so you will never have to spend time doing this manually.

It is this simplicity that makes Cati a cost-effective solution for organisations without the investment in a complex system with more functionality than you need.

Save time, manage cost and reduce risk

Total transparency of your compliance status using a simple traffic light system, so you can see straight away what action needs to be taken


Peace of mind by ensuring you stay legal and compliant through full visibility of renewal dates and automated alerts meaning you never miss a deadline


Cati has a unique bespoke configuration option allowing you to add anything that is date driven or evidence based e.g. insurance or lease management documents


Practical solution to remedial management with evidence-based reporting clearly documenting closed out actions and keeping control of follow up activities


Documents are stored online in a secure central hub, meaning that you can access them easily whenever you need them with the added benefit of an archive for all previous versions


The system is intuitive and simple to use with clear set up guidance and minimal ongoing maintenance, meaning it is easily mobilised and user friendly

Is Cati right for me?

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