Ambulance Make Ready Services

Enhancing patient safety.

We are the UK’s leading service partner in delivering Make Ready services to the ambulance sector. We have been working with NHS ambulance trusts across the UK for over ten years, ensuring that their ambulance fleets are prepared, cleaned, re-stocked and all equipment is working before every shift.

Make Ready methods vary across each trust so we adapt our approach to work in partnership with each individual trust. This includes clinical deep cleaning, infection control, medicine stock and medical device management, ambulance allocation and tracking, vehicle assessments and audits.

Digitising the ambulance sector for improved results

We have taken our expertise in the Make Ready field and experience of working alongside the ambulance trusts and combined it with our vision to use technology to enhance what we deliver.

Through Mo:dus, our online work flow management platform, we have created a digital solution that not only reduces the time taken to complete the manual checks within the ambulance, but enhances patient safety by providing assurance and governance around the checks.

Mo:dus also provides NHS ambulance trusts with a best-in-class solution for reporting on make ready times, wait times, and medicine wastage reduction.

Make Ready Ambulance Jobs

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to change careers into a Make Ready ambulance job, we will provide you with all the training, support and resources you need to be successful.

As a growing organisation with a conscience, we made the decision to become employee-owned for the long-term benefit of our employees, customers and communities. With a commitment to inclusion and diversity, everyone is welcome at Churchill.

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Mo:dus Make Ready app

The Mo:dus Make Ready app was designed and built specifically to address the challenges of the ambulance sector.

Its core objective is to establish transparency, resilience, accuracy and insight in the workflows by digitising the different aspects of a Make Ready model.

The Mo:dus app ensures consistent high quality clinical care every time, reduces the risk to patients through increased vehicle safety. Ensures all equipment and medicines are checked, and is fully auditable for total accountability.

MakeReady white paper

Make Ready - Modus

How we do it

Operational insight

Transparency through real time visibility

Enhanced operational management through data analytics

Fully configurable giving total control

Unit hour productivity

RFID technology to optimise workflows

Ambulance status reports and tracking

Multi user concurrent workflows

Inter-department conectivity

Enhancing patient safety

Ensures accuracy and consistency everytime


Fully auditable

Resource management

Optimised medicine, consumable and asset management

Open communication between base and paramedics

Informed scheduling

Best in class delivery

Assurance through automation

Full situational awareness

Connected for the future


digitising ambulance service.

enhancing patient safety.

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