Contract Catering Services

We are a hospitality and catering partner that puts a belief in the power of food to create a sense of community at the heart of everything we do. We work with our customers in a way that is flexible, agile and tailored to their needs, so that together we provide food that is exciting and does good. So that through good food we can help build better workplaces, living spaces and learning environments.

What we do

Business & Industry

Catering designed to do business.

Primary Education

Sharpening young minds..

Further Education

Providing food for thought..

Assisted Living.

Caring for those you care for.

What makes us different

It’s the combination of our passion for creating exciting food, coupled with our ethos for creating an opportunity for people to come together, and ethical sourcing that makes us different. We give back to our communities through carefully chosen partnerships with shared ethics, and our chefs only use local produce and the best ingredients.

Radish is a family – passion for food is in our DNA; we care and believe in each other and we are all proud to be different and challenge the norm.

How we do it

Our approach is based on:
  • Creating trusted partnerships through our willingness to be transparent
  • Giving focus to continuous development in all areas; market trends, the high street, people development, technology
  • Ensuring that our offer exceeds customers’ expectations for speed of service, quality and consistency
  • Always seeking to be socially responsible and to source ethically

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