Providing confidence in the hygiene of your workplace...

PRISM, our workplace hygiene programme, helps those responsible for facilities, premises and estates, or employee wellbeing to create safe and hygienic workplaces. It enables you to instil confidence in your employees and visitors by removing the fear factor surrounding returning to work and reducing the risk of a localised virus outbreak.

With PRISM you can proactively and transparently manage the bacteria levels and mitigating actions providing assurance, confidence and a healthy workplace for all.


PRISM starts with a comprehensive hygiene audit by our expert Infection Insight Team. They will assess how your buildings are used and carry out a full swabbing regime, focusing on high risk and high touchpoint areas.

Using advanced swab tests you will receive a report on the types and level of viruses present (including SARS-Cov-2), microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts and moulds on any tested surface (door handles, workstations, etc.) over a 25cm2 area using a sterile swab (pre-moistened with phosphate-buffered saline).



Along with the swab test report you will receive actionable recommendations and advice on how your regular cleaning regime should be adapted to mitigate the risk in your workplace. Our agile and flexible approach to delivery means that we can agree the right methods for infection control, priority areas and the right products for a Covid safe working environment.

The absence or presence of bacteria or SARS-Cov-2 is confirmed within four working days from laboratory sample receipt, with a further 24 hours should an ID for Covid-19 be required following a positive result.



PRISM is all about transparency, and once you know for certain the hygiene status or your working environment you can create confidence amongst your building users. By removing uncertainty you not only remove the fear factor but can proactively take steps to avoid a localised increase in the R value.

Your hygiene data can be held in our business compliance software with a bespoke, real-time performance dashboard giving you your Covid-safe, infection prevention and hygiene regime data in one place.

Key to responding successfully to harmful results is speed and being able to audit all elements of the workplace including people.

As an enhancement of the swabbing programme you and your teams can use our symptom tracker app designed to protect your work community (and their loved ones) using their daily data to monitor potential infection hotspots and subsequent risk of further transmission in your premises.

Our ultimate aim is to work with you so that you can demonstrate to your workforce that you are creating a safe and healthy place of work, creating confidence and trust. And to give you confidence that your hygiene regime is the right one to keep you operational throughout this challenging time.


Covid-19 confidence in your workplace.

Achieving confidence in the hygiene of your workplace

we audit...

Hygiene audit programme, identifying pressence of bacteria and viruses

we review...

Full review of your building results, working together to identify key areas of change

we change...

Working to manage change and adapt to new and progressive areas, stop the spread of infection and improve building health

we monitor...

Continuous monitoring of bacteria transition, utilising full compliance software and agile audit tools to to reduce the risk of infection

you achieve...

Creation of complete confidence programme, creating safe and hygenic spaces away from home

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