Churchill sponsors veterans FM careers event

We are proud to be the headline sponsor for a not-for-profit event, being hosted by ThisWeekinFM on Thursday 10th March. “Ex-Military – A Journey Into FM” is being held specifically for those who have left the Armed Forces and is promoting employment opportunities in facilities management and related fields.

As one of the largest independently-owned soft service providers in the UK, we have demonstrated a true commitment to ex-armed forces personnel. Just one year after signing the Armed Forces Covenant, we were recognised with the Silver Award, and we are now making great strides in our endeavours towards the Gold award.

The FM industry is often regarded as a prime target for veterans in search of a new career. It offers challenging work that aligns with the skills service leavers have developed in their military careers. For Churchill, ex-armed forces personnel represent ideal candidates as they often demonstrate the attitude and strategic mindset, that is so valuable and easily transferrable to the roles within FM. We have taken an active approach to attracting candidates from the veteran community.

Louisa Clarke, managing director – operations, comments: “The industry has something for everyone. The work is challenging, but also rewarding, with plenty of opportunities to test your capabilities and further your career. Above all, the industry allows you to make a difference to people’s lives. In that sense, it is an ideal next step for those who have helped to make the world a safer place.”

As part of our commitment to those connected to the armed forces, we have published a section on our website dedicated to the needs of veterans and service-leavers. The new resource provides information for service-leavers to get a better understanding of the transition process and the opportunities available within Churchill. It also gives an overview of the broader facilities management industry and details how roles in this space are particularly suited ex-service personnel, their skills and capabilities.

The environment enables individuals to connect with Churchill employees as ex-military points of contact. Interested individuals can approach our team for advice, support, and mentoring before, during and after the recruitment process.

We already employ a number of ex-service personnel in a variety of roles, and as part of our work to attract ex-military candidates, we have joined the Forces Families Jobs platform, which means we can advertise jobs directly to the armed forces community. We have also implemented HR policies that support employees with a reserve or voluntary commitment and supports veterans in the recruitment process. We work with our hiring teams, training them to effectively engage with applicants who may not be familiar with a job recruitment process.

In addition to our recruitment efforts, we prioritise our connections with the veterans community. We currently volunteer with the Coming Home Centre veteran charity in Glasgow, and we support Building Heroes, a charity that provides free skills training and support into employment to armed forces veterans.

Ex-Military and Churchill 

Learn more about “Ex-Military – A Journey Into FM” here.

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