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We’ve become a member of the Infection Prevention Society

We are pleased to share the news that Churchill Group has joined the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) as a corporate member.

What is IPS

The IPS is an independent charity with 2,000 members that informs, promotes and sustains evidence-based infection prevention policy and practice to create a health and care system where no person’s health and wellbeing is harmed by preventable infection.

Through its membership, we will have access to research and insight from various sectors across the country, access to new innovative products and software, and the chance to attend regional forums and learning events.

What it means for us

A handful of our colleagues have been nominated as associates as part of the corporate membership, including group QHSE+S director Chris Williams, group environment manager Hannah Dales, and director Charlotte Parr. Each associate will have access to the membership benefits and be able to feedback findings to their colleagues.

We will use the membership to enhance our infection prevention and control processes across all sectors that we operate in, particularly healthcare and Make Ready. Knowledge and insight gained from membership will help Churchill add further value to its customers, such as through continued enhancement of PRISM, its science-based hygiene programme.

Rufus Fidgeon, operations director at Churchill, said: “The IPS is a well-regarded institution with numerous experts among its members. The insight that we gain will benefit all our clients and position Churchill as a leader in the FM sector in infection control and prevention. I am also sure that we will be able to make a valuable contribution to the IPS thanks to the expertise our associate members possess.”

We spoke with Rufus about the membership to find out more.

Why was it important to you and the team that Churchill Group became a member?

I could see we had a gap in this specialism and wanted to drive more of a focus around it. The membership will enable us to better understand preventable measures that we can incorporate in our day-to-day processes and procedures to keep our colleagues and clients safe and protected.

What does the partnership mean for our clients?

We will use the membership to enhance our infection prevention and control (IPC) processes across all our specialist businesses, but particularly healthcare and Make Ready, our ambulance cleaning and preparation service (this is repeated content from the paragraphs above). It will enable us to bring even more value to our clients by providing greater knowledge to help them to also be aware of IPC.

How are our colleagues getting involved?

As part of the membership, we have been able to nominate associates from Churchill. Each associate will have access to a huge library of information, courses, group meetings and general benefits. These associates will assess and look to develop the way we operate in the field of IPC, change business attitudes, and roll out enhanced processes and procedures to all our teams.

What’s next?

Firstly, we will take the time to absorb any key findings and become regular members of steering groups and meetings across the UK. We can then explore the key elements we want to incorporate into training our teams and look to create more detailed proposals in the future for clients. Hopefully it will also help us to grow our client base in the NHS sector.

Find out more about IPS here.