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Churchill launches Mo:dus as standalone service

Mo:dus has played an integral role in our workplace management during the last two years. We have 14,000 employees working at thousands of sites across the country, so effective management is essential.

The platform has been a key part of our digital transformation and we want to help other businesses on their journeys. That’s we have launched Mo:dus as a wholly standalone service, along with a new website –

Enhancing the worklife experience

Mo:dus was created as a modular platform with the belief that though there is a big potential for the use of tech in FM, adoption levels vary by sector and client. The modular aspect makes it easy to use and increases its functionality in providing solutions to real challenges.

The result is a highly innovative and flexible enterprise grade workflow process management tool Our ‘why’ behind the platform is to make worklife better.

Mo:dus achieves this by putting people at the heart of the organisation, by digitising end-to-end tasks and contributing insight and intelligence. Furthermore, the data collected allows Churchill to innovate in real-time as well as make informed decisions for the future.

The launch of Mo:dus as a standalone platform allows any company that wants to improve its workflow processes and connectivity to use the platform. Its modular configuration makes it easily accessible for any number of sectors, including education, healthcare and transport. Mo:dus can also work directly with clients

The platform is by no means exclusive to the FM industry. Any companies that have remote teams, want to put their employees first or are forward-thinking can benefit from Mo:dus.

The benefits of Mo:dus

Mo:dus can improve engagement with field-based workforces, enable assured governance, and improve valuable insight by:

  • Digitising workflows and processes
  • Giving all employees digital access and control over their information
  • Empowering and enabling a transparent culture through real time feedback and communications
  • Fully understanding what is possible by capturing and understanding data
  • Providing proof of completion in real-time
  • Integrating to wide-ranging requirements thanks to its highly configurable design

Mo:dus is perfectly simple to use on a mobile device, whether that’s an employee’s personal device or a company-provided one. Having full employee support services accessible in this way is the ideal solution, and it also helps support communication with office-based employees that may be working from home for at least part of the week.

Data-informed decisions

The more data that goes through Mo:dus, the greater the generation of business intelligence. The engine takes all kinds of data inputs and collectively understands what information is valuable to an organisation in improving its productivity and results. The machine learning capability means that Mo:dus will highlight when trends form and proactively suggest improvements, and also alert when something is out of the ordinary.

This means that businesses can go beyond the step of data collection and make genuinely smart decisions. This could range from cleaning processes to waste management, and employee engagement to task allocation. Data collected at the outset of Mo:dus being installed will act as a benchmark and define the requirements of the future, helping to evolve the service of tomorrow.

Future innovation

We are consistently evolving Mo:dus’ technology to meet the needs of clients and their customers. The platform can be used to solve ongoing business challenges or streamline existing processes that a client might not even release are inefficient.

As a modular platform, we can adapt quickly to any request. The new workplace is one that will be highly flexible. An equally flexible workplace flow tool is the perfect solution.

The new website is now live and can be seen at