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Empowering Employees: What does it mean to be an employee owned company at Churchill?

Churchill would be nothing without our people. As part of our mission to put people first and empower our staff, this year we became an employee owned company. This means employees have a significant and meaningful stake in the business and will benefit from our future success.

We want our employees to feel valued and rewarded. At Churchill, we are passionate about making sure our work positively impacts our people and community; becoming an employee owned company is just one of the steps we are taking to make this a reality.

In this blog, we explore what it means to be employee owned and why work for an employee owned company.

What is an employee owned company in the UK?

As corporate structures constantly evolve, employee owned companies in the UK have gained significant traction as an alternative business model with higher levels of productivity, innovation and resilience to economic turbulence.

Usually, companies are owned by shareholders, and as such, are run in the interest of making a profit. Being an employee owned company provides a legal structure to align private corporate interest with social goals, for the benefit of communities.

At Churchill, we have converted 53% of our business’s shares into a trust. This means that a majority share is now indirectly owned by our employees – these shares are held collectively on behalf of employees by an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

The trust has employee welfare written into its core purpose, so it functions in the interest of those who work for Churchill. In the future, we hope to be able to pay out a share of the company’s profits yearly, in the form of a bonus.

The day-to-day running of the company is still managed by our existing leadership team, and our founders support the business to remain sustainable.

Why work for an employee owned company?

Today people are increasingly aware that where we work has a huge impact on our quality of life. At Churchill, we want our employees to feel like they have a true purpose when they go to work, beyond the need to earn money.

Working for Churchill, you will have the opportunity to experience a truly collaborative business. Our aim is to inspire our employees to have a collective purpose, a true sense of belonging and to be part of a supportive community where they can thrive.

Some EOT benefits to employees include:

  • A sense of ownership and purpose

Our employees are not just cogs in a machine; they are stakeholders who actively contribute to the company’s direction and success. Their contributions matter to us and as an employee owned company, they are playing an integral role in shaping the company’s future – meaning motivation and job satisfaction soar.

  • Enhanced innovation and growth

Inclusivity and innovation are another reason why people want to work for an employee owned company. We know that when employees from diverse backgrounds collaborate, a wealth of perspectives comes together, fostering creativity and exciting opportunities to contribute meaningfully. This collaboration increases professional growth and learning.

  • Stronger workplace relationships

In an employee owned company, the hierarchical barriers often associated with traditional businesses are dismantled. This paves the way for employees to connect on a more personal level, building a sense of community and boosting morale.

  • A culture of integrity

We want to grow and evolve for the long-term benefit of our employees, customers and communities. Being employee owned helps a company retain its mission and purpose, avoiding the pitfalls of selling to outside investors and increasing sustainable business practices. Our culture is open, welcoming and ethical.

  • Strong work-life balance and enhanced well-being

EOT benefits include a healthier work-life balance. At Churchill, we value employee well-being and recognise people have lives outside of work. We want our people to enjoy the freedom and wellbeing of a flexible workplace.

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At Churchill, we believe in empowering our staff to thrive, no matter their background or life experiences. Doing the right thing is at the heart of our values.

If you wish to experience the benefits of an increased sense of ownership and purpose at work, strong community, a culture of integrity and superb work-life balance, have a look at how you can start a career at our employee owned company.