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Graduate career advice for facilities management jobs

If you’re taking your first steps into the world of work after graduating, facilities management could be a great career choice for you. In this blog we’ll explore your career options after graduation, explain more about what facilities management jobs involve, and offer lots of graduate career advice to help you secure your first role.

What do I do with my degree?

After graduating, many people are unsure what to do next. And that’s OK! It’s important to take the time to figure out what kind of role will suit you best. While you’re working it out, gaining work experience in different roles is a really good way to test the water. You don’t have to start with a graduate role – if you’re interested in facilities management, there are many entry level jobs available in the field, which will help you to get a feel for what it’s all about.

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What is facilities management?

Facilities management is all about keeping buildings properly maintained and fit for purpose. As a facilities manager, this can involve day-to-day managerial responsibilities as well as strategic business planning. Facilities management roles exist in a wide range of different areas, from cleaning to environmental compliance to security.

Typical graduate facilities management roles might include:

  • Business Development Executive
  • Employee Relations Assistant
  • Account Manager
  • Finance Assistant
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Marketing Assistant

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Why choose facilities management as a career?

Facilities management is an appealing career option for many new graduates, thanks to its broad range of responsibilities and the potential for managerial experience. 

Many students discover the potential of facilities management when searching for graduate career advice on the type of roles that might suit them. It can be a really good fit as many of the key skills you have gained while studying are transferable to the job, no matter what your degree subject was.

What qualities and skills do employers look for in facilities management roles?

If you don’t yet have experience in the role, don’t worry. You can probably demonstrate many of the transferable skills that are needed. Some of the key attributes that employers will look for in facilities management are: 

  • People skills – Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to build professional relationships
  • Project management skills – Confident decision-making and problem-solving
  • Leadership skills – Effective communication and the ability to motivate a team 
  • Time management skills – Excellent timekeeping and being able to prioritise your workload 

What does a graduate role in facilities management look like?

There are a wide range of graduate opportunities within facilities management. The jobs available vary depending on the context, size and structure of the company, from small private estates to hospitals, universities and airports.

Within smaller company structures, it is likely that graduate facilities management roles will involve a general oversight of all aspects of building and staff management. In larger contexts, it is possible to find more specific roles, either with the “hard” skills of physical building maintenance or “soft” skills that are people-related. 

And when you’re ready to climb the career ladder? Facilities management can open the door to exciting progression routes within the sector, as well as offering invaluable experience that can open doors into other fields.

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How to secure a graduate role in facilities management

Here’s some graduate career advice to help you secure that facilities management role: 

  • Research, research, research. Find out as much as possible about every available facilities management opportunity
  • Get organised. Create a table of all the jobs you are interested in along with the cut-off dates for applications and work through them methodically
  • Be personal. Don’t let your applications sound generic; always keep each individual employer in mind
  • Practise those interview skills. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but the more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will feel. Most interviews now take place online, so set up a nice space with a good connection
  • Sell yourself. Write a breakdown of the key attributes you want to show that will make you the right candidate for a facilities management role!

Facilities management careers at Churchill

Here at Churchill, we would be nothing without our people. That’s why, when you join us as a graduate, we will provide you with all the tools, training, support and resources you need to be successful in your new role. Why not take a look at our facilities management vacancies today? 

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