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Making a difference… Eric Davies

As part of this blog series, we’re sharing insights and stories from various individuals within our group of specialist businesses to uncover and showcase the distinct and impactful contributions they bring to our business. 

James Bradley, CEO said: “Making a difference strikes right to the heart of what we’re all about. For me, it’s always been an inclusive journey here at Churchill, where we all come together every day to achieve much success. Our collective success without a doubt only comes as a product of absolutely every colleague’s contribution, which is then further complemented by how we all come together as a team. Now we are an employee-owned business our journey together will be even more rewarding, safe in the knowledge that every step we take benefits all.  

Eric’s story 

Eric Davies is a facilities manager for Churchill and actively engages in various initiatives and projects to support the local community and his colleagues. Starting his facilities career in the security department and working his way through to the position he is in now, Eric has been working at his current site for an incredible 16 years. He spends a large portion of his day on the site floor engaging with the team and making sure they have everything they need. “It’s the people I love most about my role. You get to meet so many interesting characters and hear the stories of how they got to where they are today. We can learn a lot from each other.” 

Following discussions with Eric and his colleagues, it’s clear that he has a passion for supporting his team members. When we asked Eric why it was important to him to support his colleagues, he mentioned how he feels it helps them to feel valued. “When you feel valued, your job satisfaction improves, positively influencing your overall attitude towards work. I also believe delivering a one-team ethos approach increases performance which decreases absence.”  

Beyond founding a knitting club and promoting group walking sessions, Eric made a significant decision to undergo suicide prevention training seeking a deeper understanding and knowledge to effectively support those in need.  

A series of unfortunate events led to this compelling desire to further educate himself, one event, in particular, being a suicide attempt on site. A young adult, distressed due to a breakup with their partner and feeling isolated while away at university, was in an extremely vulnerable state. Eric intervened, calming the distressed individual, and engaging in an hour-long, supportive conversation. Through this interaction, Eric assisted the individual in finding hope and guided them towards a path of recovery. Reflecting on the incident, Eric humbly expressed, “The Police came, we shook hands, and he hugged me. He thanked me for listening. That’s all I did, was listen.” 

Last year, Eric was invited to the Hull Bid Awards 2023 after being nominated by the individual he had assisted on that pivotal day. “It was a total surprise and a day I will never forget,” Eric recalls. Since then, they’ve maintained a strong friendship. The person Eric supported completed their university course, relocated to the outskirts of London with the partner they were distressed about, and now they are happily married with a child. Eric’s act of kindness and support significantly changed this person’s life for the better, marking a profound and lasting impact. 

During the COVID pandemic, Eric encountered team members experiencing mental health challenges. A call from a distressed colleague, at an ultimate low point, marked a critical moment. Struggling due to COVID-related restrictions that prevented their usual coping mechanisms, this colleague shared their suicidal thoughts with Eric. Taking immediate action, Eric engaged in a two-hour conversation, providing support, understanding, and reassurance. He continued daily contact with the colleague until they returned to work, remaining available even in the early hours of the morning if it meant supporting this individual in their time of need. “This person is still a valid member of our team which is why it’s important to show your support and care. You could be their lifeline.” 

It’s clear to see Eric makes an incredible difference to the people he meets and the team he works with. Learning about Eric’s story and gaining insights into his role showcases just one of the numerous ways our exceptional colleagues actively make a difference in their day-to-day responsibilities. 

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