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Meet apprentice Aaron Blee

Aaron Blee works as a business support administrator in Bournemouth. He is currently working towards a level 3 Business NVQ – equivalent to two A-levels.

Before joining Churchill he was at school studying for A-levels in business, economics and physical education.

‘I didn’t feel this was the right fit for me and I also wanted to get a head start on everyone else and have more experience at a young age,’ he said.

He heard about our apprenticeship programme through word of mouth, so applied and, following an interview, was accepted.

He’s now enjoying the chance to gain some on-the-job skills.

‘I feel very positive about work and I’m constantly learning and gaining real world experience,’ he said. ‘The support I have received from everyone Churchill is very good as well.

‘In the future I’m looking to work in stocks and shares and, to get into the course I want, I need an A- level equivalent, which I will gain from the apprenticeship.

‘But not only will I have that, I will also have learned all about things in the real world – for example communication skills and how to manage my income.  And these are all skills that can be used in any job.

‘I would highly recommend an apprenticeship for anyone who doesn’t feel as if school is right for them.

‘The benefits are being able to work and earn money while learning at the same time.

‘I am working towards a qualification and actually learning real world skills which will help with any career I have. I believe I am being given a good head start.’

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