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New Year, New Career: Do you want to feel empowered in 2024?

As the calendar resets and the promise of a new year dawns upon us, you may be considering how to make 2024 the best year yet. Starting a new career in the new year can offer a fresh canvas for personal and professional growth, and an opportunity to feel empowered in ways that may have been missing in your current role.

Facilities Management is a varied and exciting career path; it attracts people from diverse backgrounds and many are surprised to realise they have transferable skills from other industries. Perhaps you are just starting your career, or you have experience and are looking for a new challenge – for the new year, a new career in Facilities Management with Churchill could be your catalyst for growth and adventure.

At Churchill, we are inclusive and are proud to offer opportunities that celebrate people’s uniqueness: from care leavers to ex-military personnel, we support people to channel their skills into a rewarding new career for the new year.

The power of empowerment at work
In the new working world, people are setting their sights higher. They don’t want to just go to work to pay the bills; they seek purpose, to feel supported and part of a community. Feeling empowered at work means having the autonomy to make decisions, feeling truly valued and contributing meaningfully.

Studies reveal empowerment at work leads to increased performance, creativity and motivation to participate. At Churchill, you will be empowered to progress and succeed. We support our employees to not only develop, but to enjoy their journey with us too.

We provide flexible working, as well as learning and progression opportunities, so you can pursue a successful career in the way that is right for you.

Signs it’s time for a career change
Common signs that you may need a career change include:

  • Feeling stuck and unfulfilled
  • You feel you have mastered everything you can in your role
  • Being low on energy, unmotivated, struggling to get out of bed in the morning
  • Every Sunday, you dread going to work on Monday
  • Feeling disconnected from your passions and longing to feel empowered
  • You daydream about leaving

If this sounds like you, take some time out to reflect on your current career satisfaction, your goals and what is important to you. If you are looking for a challenge for the new year, a new career could be just the ticket.

At Churchill, we welcome career changers and provide you with the support you need to succeed. Our teams also include people who decided to change careers at 50 or older, so we embrace new starters at any point in their work journey. Wherever you’re at in your career, we will ensure you have the right tools and opportunities to excel down a fresh and exciting new career path for the new year.

“I first joined Churchill as a trainee water hygiene engineer. Making the switch from working in retail, I needed a career which enabled me to work flexibly and look after the children more whilst my wife pursued her dream of becoming a nurse. Churchill has enabled me to become a plumber and has always given me a pathway to progression.” – Andy Johnson

We offer an inclusive and engaging onboarding experience, so your new career for the new year can be a seamless transition.

Exploring new career paths
At Churchill, we embrace people from all backgrounds, from career starters to experienced workers and ex-military with transferable skills. A career in Facilities Management opens a wealth of opportunities, including HR, Account Management, Business Support and leadership roles.

We know how daunting it can be to transition to a new career. There are huge benefits to talking it through and gaining advice from those who have successfully transitioned careers, which is why at Churchill we have a dedicated mentorship programme. For the new year, your new career transition will be fully supported.

Get in touch
Churchill is a human, empowering and inclusive employer. We always put people first and seek to be better. Wherever you may be in your career, we want to provide you with the opportunity and support to embark on a new challenge. Have a look at our opportunities page to see how in the new year, a new career in Facilities Management can open up your life.