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Women in FM: 5 mins with… Louise Rogers

What is your role at Churchill and what does it involve day to day?

My role is operations manager for the Yorkshire region – part of the Scotland and North team. I am responsible for delivery of all contracts in the Yorkshire region, ensuring the best service is delivered throughout. I work in partnership with all our clients and provide support with any business needs, while also leading the FM team. I aim to deliver the absolute best service and ensure contract retention and recommendation. I am also the education specialist, with in-depth knowledge of issues relating to our education clients, which can range from how to care for old school floors to explaining to colleagues who work term-time only how their pay is divided across the whole year.

How did you find your way into FM? (Tell us a bit about your background)

I fell into the FM industry. I initially started my career in business management and was all set to work in the beauty industry on a cruise ship. But I decided I didn’t want to work away from home for nine months every year, so I used my business management qualification in a number of retail businesses. For a change, I applied for an FM role in aviation, which I enjoyed, and when an opportunity came up with Churchill Group, I thought it was a chance to develop in a fast growing FM business.  It was a great choice and the journey so far has been incredible. In nine years, I have been an account manager, a senior account manager, a key account manager and now an operations manager. And, I’m excited about where my career may lead next.  It’s been a privilege to grow and develop with the business and I’m very proud to work for Churchill Group.

What is your favourite thing about your job/the industry?

It’s great to be in a fast-paced industry where every day is different. Thanks to the varied roles and responsibilities that sit under its umbrella, the FM industry is a spectacular one to be in.  We drive, implement and deliver change and we pick up a wealth of knowledge along the way by working with clients in a variety of industries, all with different needs. The Yorkshire region has lots of contracts, but about 70 per cent are educational sites and what I enjoy most is working with our clients and students, encouraging a more sustainable future and providing a safe, clean environment.  Sometimes we deliver presentations to students and hold poster competitions, games and quizzes, which have had great results. I also enjoy working in partnership with our clients and making them, and our staff, feel valued members of one big family.

As a woman in FM, what are your biggest frustrations?

I would like to see more women join the FM industry. At the beginning of my FM journey, 15 years ago, there were a lot more male FM leaders than female and I was unsure if I was making the right decision. Now more women are joining the industry and becoming leaders and it will be great to see this continue and provide a more equal gender mix.

What are your key predictions for/the biggest issues facing the FM market over the next year?

The pandemic has highlighted the hard work of the FM industry. The past 18 months have been a challenge, but what I love is that everyone in the FM industry is resilient and adaptable and can deal with any obstacle thrown their way.  And each and every one us has supported the others one way or another. I am excited to see what 2022 brings.  FM was once known as the silent army – now it is in the spotlight.