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Meet apprentice Anthony Gibson

Junior IT service desk analyst Anthony Gibson is another of our colleagues who is following an apprenticeship programme. We chatted to him as part of Learning at Work Week.

He works in our Gateshead office and is studying for to be an Information Communications Technician – Azure Cloud Support Specialist. It is a Level 3 apprenticeship, which is equivalent to two A-levels.

‘I am enjoying the work here at Churchill,’ he said. ‘I feel very motivated to come into work every morning.

‘I am happy to continue doing the job I am doing but, in the future, I am hoping the apprenticeship will enable me to move into some of the other areas of IT, such as technical services.

Before joining Churchill Anthony gained a BSc in Technical Game Development.

‘This apprenticeship is actually more fun than doing my degree because I can see changes live on each task I do now,’ he said. ‘When I was doing my university game development work it was not as satisfying.

‘I like doing the apprenticeship. It’s a weird dynamic of working through most of the day, gaining knowledge of the subject that I am studying, then applying that knowledge to questions that are put to me by my apprenticeship training provider QA.

‘I also attend live classroom sessions and can then go on to use the knowledge I have gained in those sessions in my day-to-day work.

‘I’d recommend an apprenticeship to people who want to try something different to whatever they have been doing, as it allows you to expand into different work sectors that you might not otherwise see.’

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