Mitigation services

Helping your teams feel safe when they return to work.

We still don’t know exactly how long the UK lockdown period is going to last, but what we do know is that when it does end, and the country begins to return to normal, we want you to be prepared and supported to open up your buildings and have a safe and reassuring working environment.

We’ve put together a matrix of critical mitigation services to support our clients and will recommend and implement an enhanced hygiene regime best suited for your business, giving you peace of mind that your environments are operating with best practice in combatting further risk of spreading the virus.

Our ethos is ‘doing the right thing’ so we are going over and above what we believe will become mandatory measures – to supply additional tools to our frontline teams to further reduce the risk of a secondary localised Covid-19 outbreak within your premises. This includes an employee health check module in Mo:dus, our operations app, to enable our people to report if they’re feeling unwell on a daily basis, and this data will be critical in ensuring our people with high temperatures or other symptoms do not attend your buildings.

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Covid-19 testing

Tracker App

Symptom tracker app

Mitigation Services

Hand sanitiser stations

Our mitigation services

Tracker App

Mo:dus symptom tracker app

Designed to give you and your teams peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to protect them in the workplace. This is done by submitting any symptoms daily via a simple step by step process. The app will advise as to whether self-isolation is needed based on the information given, mitigating the risk of spreading the virus by staying at home. The more people that use the app the more effective it becomes as it means that those showing symptoms will not attend the workplace and won’t be bringing the virus in to your premises.


Covid-19 documentation management

The latest version of Cati, our compliance management software, allows you to store, track and manage your risk assessments, cleaning schedules, swab testing results and other Covid-19 measures in one place. Bespoke categories can also be added to suit your individual requirements. Click here for more detail.

Mitigation Services

Re-opening deep clean

We can provide a range of options to allow the successful, safe opening of your building or pre-cleans for safety and peace of mind for your returning workforce. We will manage the full range of services you need via our trusted supply chain and with our expert workforce giving you peace of mind that everything has been taken care of. Contact your Account Manager to discuss your specific requirements.


Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfectant fogging

Complementary to a pre-opening deep clean, ULV fogging uses large volumes of air at low pressure to transform liquid into droplets which are dispersed into the atmosphere. Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach to stop the spread of infections.

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Comprehensive enhanced hygiene schedule based on your building use and size

As your cleaning and hygiene partner we will carry out a complete review of your needs and risks to establish the most effective enhanced cleaning programme to control the virus spread and reduce the risk of a second wave. This will give your employees peace of mind that they are returning to a safe place of work and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing.

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Touchpoint and high traffic/risk regular sanitisation programme

Using a simple RAG system we will analyse your building usage and needs to recommend a programme that best protects your business, visitors and colleagues by reducing your transmission rate factor through enhanced sanitisation. We recommend additional cleans of all touchpoints throughout the day as single point sanitisation only lasts until the next person uses the area.

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PHS air care

An aircare solution that will enhance the air quality of your entire workspace by eliminating odours and removing harmful germs, allergens and other irritants from the air. Our bathroom air purifier units remove up to 99.9% of germs, including airborne flu to help protect the health of your visitors and staff.

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Covid-19 testing

SARS-Cov-2 swab tests have been developed to confirm the presence of the virus on environmental surfaces, such as door handles, work surfaces, ventilation system grilles and filters, over a 25cm2 area, using a sterile swab pre-moistened with phosphate-buffered saline.

Our expertly trained teams will identify the right locations for SARS-Cov-2 testing within your premises and ensure these tests are taken, transported and analysed safely, and in accordance with World Health Organization protocols.

Sensor Dispensers

Sensor dispensers

To reduce the number of high risk touchpoints in your building we recommend installing fully automatic dispensers to remove the need to touch the dispenser. Your employees simply place their hands under the dispenser and a measured dose of gel, liquid soap or sanitiser will be dispensed touch free!

Mitigation Services

Entry temperature checking and thermal imaging

As an added layer of protection and using the latest in Body Temperature Screening Thermal Cameras we can monitor and control access to your building by reading the temperature of your employees and visitors. Click here for more detail.

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Awareness and information advice and communication support

We can design and produce communication and advice for washroom and high usage areas to help educate and inform the users of your building.

Legionella Contro Services

Water system 

Following a full or partial closure for even just a short period of time, the COSHH regulations require water systems to be safely and adequately recommissioned before occupants can return. We deliver a full range of environmental compliance services including water treatment and legionella control and will work with you to recommend and implement the best disinfection and sampling regimes for your water systems. Click here for more detail.

Clean Your Hands

Hand sanitiser stations

We have manufactured our own highly visual sanitiser stations that can be positioned around your premises to draw attention to the need to maintain meticulous hand hygiene which will be critical in ensuring your buildings are safe and resilient in mitigating the risk of virus transmission.


A simple and cost-effective solution to enable social distancing in your workplace.Click here for more detail.

Property disinfection

Surface and air conditioning sanitiser releases an antimicrobial sanitising mist within rooms and stays active on surfaces for up to 30 days.

Electrostatic spraying is a powerful method that delivers a uniform, wraparound coverage to the targeted surfaces, ensuring that all surfaces – front, back and sides – are properly disinfected and sanitised.

Exceptional wraparound coverage helps provide better protection from the spread of germs.

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