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Churchill launches new software with COVID-19 functionality

Cati, the management and compliance software, includes configuration tools to assist organisations in managing COVID-19 documentation.

We are delighted to announce the launch of an advanced version of Cati which features the software’s most enhanced technological assets, flexibility and interface to-date.

Cati 2.0 supports organisations by providing an intuitive user interface, increased flexibility, transparency and simplicity in compliance management. The latest version of the software includes:

  • Four key modules relating to compliance: Estate, People, Fleet and Asset
  • Bespoke user profiles for staff and third party contractors
  • Ultimate flexibility for configurations to be made without any hard coding requirements, to suit any organisation or user and their technical ability
  • A reporting suite that can measure any element of data within the system
  • A bespoke platform that can be adapted to suit the unique requirements of any user
  • An enhanced user interface with a new, modern feel that improves the system’s intuitive yet transparent usability
  • The ability to estimate budgets for up to one year ahead
  • Synchronisation with Outlook inboxes to streamline information management

In addition to these features, Churchill has responded to the ongoing pandemic by creating a specific COVID-19 dashboard in Cati. The intuitive interface allows an organisation to store all COVID-19 documentation in one place.

Risk assessments, cleaning schedules and swab testing results, among other measures, can all be viewed and managed in one place, ensuring that organisations have the insight they need to manage safe back-to-work programmes. Bespoke categories can also be added so that the software can be tailored for any organisation and number of sites.

An example of Cati’s dashboard managing an organisation's COVID-19 documentation.
An example of Cati’s dashboard managing an organisation’s COVID-19 documentation.

James Bradley, director at Churchill Group, commented: “Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with the subsequent impact on businesses across the country, the decision to add COVID-specific functionality was an easy one. The situation is fast-moving and new Government guidance is being released every week. It’s essential that organisations stay up-to-date with and on top of this if they are to provide a safe working environment. We believe that Cati can play an integral role here.”

Get in touch with the Cati team today by submitting an enquiry via the online form here.